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  • Paul Mestermann

Goddess of the Moon: Artemis

Born on the island of Delos, Greece to Zeus and Leto; Artemis is the goddess of the moon, wild animals and hunting. Like all the other God and Goddesses mentioned, Artemis has the powers of any God, including super strength, super speed, shape shifting and teleportation. When she’s not driving the moon across the night sky, she leads a pack of hunters, who have sworn to be maidens (never fall in love), like her. However, some of them disobeyed her and got punished for it. This is why she has no children.

Key Characteristics:

  • Wise

  • Patient

  • Nice

  • Sympathetic

  • Risk taker

If she were an animal she would be:

A pangolin as it is the most hunted animal.

If she were a Disney princess she would be:

Aurora because she can talk to animals.

If she were a country she would be:

France as it has the most hunters.

Mythical Tale:

Being a maiden Goddess, Artemis is targeted a lot by mortals that want her love. This leads to men attempting to rape her, however none of them lived to tell the tale. A good example of this is with the young prince and a hunter Actaeon- when he one day he stumbled across the virgin goddess bathing. Some may say that it was an accident however Actaeon failed to avert his gaze. Out of fury, Artemis ruthlessly turned the poor prince into a stag. This then led to his hounds to tear him apart, viciously.

*KEY* Characters mentioned:

Zues (God of the sky), Leto (a mortal woman), Actaeon (a prince and a hunter).


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