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  • Saoirse C-W

Back To The Beginning, Ep. 4

This article was written by Saoirse C-W, Year 11

Last time on Back To The Beginning…

Meet Gaia! Although you might not want to considering she can kill you with the flick of her finger. She’s the Earth Mother and her husband Ouranos is the God of the sky! Or more like he is the sky. Ouranos hasn't always been kind towards his children...Okay that's being nice, he tied his triplets (the Cyclopes) up with rope made of the darkest night and threw them into the pit of evil, Tartarus. Isn't he just the best?! The most important children are the Titans, 12 giant, super strong, powerful beings that each had different powers. I know what you're thinking, why did she have more kids after TWELVE?! To patch up her marriage that's why! Because nothing fixes a marriage like more children….

This time on Back To The Beginning…

Gaia decided that she should try once more for the sake of her children so she arranged a nice romantic dinner for her and Ouranos. A few months later she gave birth to another set of triplets but these were even more monstrous than the first. They had a hundred arms all around their body and fifty heads on their shoulders, Gaia didn’t mind though she loved their faces. She called them the Hundred Handed Ones; she barely had time to name them before Ouranos chained them and threw them into Tartarus. Gaia completely lost it. She created so many earthquakes that the Titans came running to see what was wrong. She explained what had happened and after she finished she reached down into the earth and pulled out the hardest substance she could find; she used it to make the first ever weapon. The weapon was a curved blade that was about three feet long. She put it at the end of a wooden handle made from a nearby tree and showed it to the Titans. “Behold! The scythe!” The Titans observed with intrigue, “One of you needs to step up, Ouranos isn’t a worthy king of the cosmos. One of you will kill him and replace him” The Titans looked a bit uncomfortable. I mean you can’t blame them, imagine your mum telling you to kill your dad because he threw your siblings into an evil pit. After the first ever awkward silence moment a Titan walked forward and said, “I’ll do it”.

“Ummmm who are you?” Gaia asked. The Titan sighed for a moment, his family was always forgetting about him. They didn’t remember his name, birthday and all because he was a bit shorter than them. He’d already gotten the nickname ‘The Crooked One’ because he would fight dirty and do anything he wanted to win. “I am Kronos and I will kill dad” He repeated. “My favourite son! I was just joking about not knowing you!” Gaia laughed nervously, pretending that she remembered her least favourite…I mean her favourite son. He had his mothers smile and dark hair and had inherited his fathers cruelty. He was power hungry and was the only Titan who knew how much damage the scythe could do. He started to tell Gaia his plan....


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