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Back to the Beginning: Ep 3

This Article was written by Saoirse Georgina Cunningham-watson, Year 10

Gaia and Ouranos had three sets of children; the first were the Titans, a group of twelve human looking children but who were much taller and powerful. You might look back and realise that I said they had three sets of children, the twelve Titans were only one set. You might wonder what could possibly make someone want more than twelve children, well after the Titans were born, things started to go badly in Gaia and Ouranos' marriage. He didn’t visit, he didn’t help raise the children, he just stayed up in the sky. Gaia and Ouranos started fighting and as the Titans grew older, he’d shout at them too and act like an awful father.

Gaia thought that if they had more children things would improve in her marriage. Bad idea! This time she gave birth to triplets but the only problem was that they were SUPER ugly. They were the same height and build as the Titans and were just as strong, but they were hairy and had only the one eye, in the middle of their forehead. They were the definition of a face only a mother could love and it was true, Gaia loved them. She called the elder Cyclopes and they would eventually have lesser Cyclopes children, but that was later. Anyway Ouranos completely freaked out when he saw them, “They can’t be my children! They’re so ugly and they don’t even look like me!” He screamed.

Of course Gaia got angry. She’d just had to raise 12 children by herself, “You better not leave me to raise them by myself!” She screamed back.

“Don’t worry I won’t” He growled.

Ouranos stormed off and came back with thick chains made from the night’s darkness, chained the Cyclopes and threw them into Tartarus. Yes, Gaia was NOT happy. She and Ouranos had a big fight. She begged him to release them, but he ignored her and nobody else opposed him because he’d started to get a reputation as a pretty scary guy.

“I’m the king! You will do as I say, I am the best!” He shouted, temporarily forgetting that Gaia was born before him.

After he went back to the sky, Gaia threw a huge fit which basically meant there was a huge earthquake. The Titans were all grown up now and they felt bad seeing their mom so angry and upset but they were scared of Ouranos and felt like there was nothing they could do to help.


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