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Back to the beginning: Ep 2

This Article was written by Saoirse Georgina Cunningham-watson, Year 10

Chaos liked the fact that his creations had been successful, so he created some more. Water collected out of the mist that was Chaos and collected in the deepest parts of the earth and formed seas, which, like the rest of them, formed a human personality; The God Pontus. Then Chaos created a dome like the sky but beneath the earth, “It’ll be awesome!” he thought. Unfortunately he was wrong. The dome was dark and murky and not a very enjoyable place. It was basically the opposite of DisneyLand. The pit was called Tartarus, the Pit of Evil, and of course he had to have a human personality. As you can probably guess from the name, he wasn’t a very friendly person.

In Greek mythology, a lot of other gods popped up at the start but there were so many that if I named all of them, we’d be here for months…Okay that’s an exaggeration but you’d be reading for a long time before getting to the good stuff. Anyway, Chaos and Tartarus had a child (Yep it’s weird, but not the weirdest, trust me!) The child was Nyx, who was night. Somehow, all by herself, (see, I told you it got weirder…) she had a daughter, Hemera who was day. They didn’t get on well though because they were as different as night and day (Ha, get it?). Some stories say that Chaos also created Eros but others claim he was a child of Aphrodite. Nobody knows which version is true, but we do know that Gaia and Ouranos started having children with varied results.

Ladies and gentlemen let me present to you, The Titans!


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