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Weird Sports

This article was written by Ian Bradford, Year 8

Kaiju Big Battel

Human Sized Monsters And Their Baffling Battles

Are you tired of normal wrestling matches? Does wrestling in masks not satisfy you? Well look no further than Kaiju Big Battel! This wacky sport combines the average Halloween party with total wrestling domination!

How did the monsters start?

It all began on a spooky night in Boston 1996. Inside the Boston School of Fine Arts, a huge, cool, Kaiju wrestling match was on its way. Featuring the monsters Midori and American Beetle, this was the first of its kind. Did you know that the name ‘battel’ came from a typo? A year later the first official ‘battel’ began in March 1997 in the same school of fine arts. Little did Rand Borden know that Kaiju  Big Battel would be the best sport ever!

Where can I find these monsters?

In the early days of the sport, the venue would be in the tiny town of Providence Rhode Island. Now most venues vary. Some can occur at conventions others occur in random locations. If you want to watch these ‘battels’ then you could visit their website. The stage they ‘battel’ on is a normal wrestling stage but with tiny, cardboard buildings that can be destroyed. Timings do vary but they most likely occur every few months.

Who are these monsters and is it fit for me?

Although there are a lot of monsters, some monsters do occur more and are more popular than others. Some famous monsters can include:

  • Dusto Bunny- He is literally a humanoid dust bunny.

  • French Toast- A huge waffle that speaks in a french accent. Most famous for his slams

  • Dr Cube- He is the main villain of the whole lore/story. He was a plastic surgeon who wears a cube on his head because of a failed experiment on himself.

The real question is… Are you a good fit? Well… if you like to wrestle in goofy costumes and are good at sticking to character. This sport is just for you!

How do these monsters fight?

Like a normal wrestling match, they wrestle not caring about their environment thus, they destroy the card city. Most monsters can form alliances so there is an actual story behind it. They pin eachother down until a certain count.

A final thought…

Wrestling in costumes is very wacky but it is what makes it so unique. It could be easy to judge so quickly but the cool story behind it and the dedication to it makes Kaiju Big Battel the best, baffling ‘battel’.


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