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  • Florence Crisp

Frog Jumping

This article was written by Florence Crisp, Year 8

The Slimiest Sport - Frog Jumping!

Have you ever wondered if frogs can do sports? I bet you haven’t. But if you have, this article is the answer. . . They can.

What is it?

Frog jumping is a sport where people of all ages and sizes compete using, you guessed it, frogs. It starts weeks before the competition . . . Players have to go out and catch frogs. They must use wild frogs from lakes or ponds and train the frogs themselves. Once it gets to the day of the competition, they place the frog in a designated area which is shaped like a circle. The player must then hit the ground as hard as possible to make the frog jump. This works by scaring the frog. Some people think this is fair. I think it is un-frog-etable.

How Was it Created?

Mark Twain was the original creator of this strange sport. Mark Twain lived in a cabin on the border of Angels Camp. Legend has it that Twain overheard a story in a nearby tavern that inspired his first piece of work “The celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County.” The city of Angels Camp held the first modern frog jump in 1928.

Who, Where and When?

The frog jumping competition takes place in two side-by-side locations at the Calaveras County Fairgrounds (Which is also known as ‘Frog Town’) in Angels Camp, California. It occurs every year on the third weekend in May. It is played by anyone who wants to take part.

Ribbiting Records

Although it may seem strange, many people hold records for this unique sport and some of these records are amazing: Rosie the Ribeter is the name of the frog who holds the record for the longest frog jump which is still standing now, in 2024. The length of the jump was 21 feet and 5 inches - That's 6.5 metres! And in 2022 Nolan Mocref got his frog ‘Old Papa’ to first place at just 5 years of age!


The next time you consider a fun and . . . different hobby, I would suggest the one and only - Frog Jumping!



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