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Quidditch in the Muggle World

This article was written by Chloe Jones, Year 8

The fantasy game of Quidditch has been recreated in the Muggle world by some creative students of Middleburg College and has now become a real sport. Read on to find out more about this not-so magical version of Quidditch.

What is this sport?

Harry Potter fans listen up, because this is some magical information! As mentioned in the introduction, the fictional game of Quidditch, from the books of Harry Potter has been recreated in a way so muggles can enjoy it. The sport is actually quite similar to its magical counterpart, minus the flying brooms of course, with the same roles and similar rules in a lot of ways.

A History of Quidditch.

The first ever game of Quidditch was played in 2005 at Middlebury College. In 2007 the first Quidditch World Cup took place with Middlebury taking the top spot. Despite the fact that Middlebury created Muggle Quidditch, UCLA was the first college to create a permanent Quidditch pitch. Unfortunately, later on in 2022 it was renamed Quadball. Thankfully it is still better known as Quidditch

The roles in the game. 

People will be happy to know that the roles have stayed exactly the same as those in Harry Potter. There are 4 roles in total, all of which have the same name as the ones from the books. Depending on the role there may be equipment that you need; we’ll go into more detail later. 

The 4 roles are: 

  • Keeper (Green headband)

  • Chaser (White headband)

  •  Beater (Black headband)

  • Seeker (Yellow headband)

A Quidditch team consists of 7 players; A keeper, 3 chasers, 2 beaters and a seeker. The keeper has to stop the other team from scoring. The chasers will score into the opposing team’s posts, every time the ball goes through you gain 10 points. The beaters attempt to hit the opposing team’s players with the Bludgers (see more about Bludgers in ‘Quidditch Equipment’) using a bat and attempt to block the Bludgers from hitting their team. A seeker has to attempt to catch the snitch which is only released 18 minutes into game time.

Quidditch Equipment

These are the different pieces of equipment and how they are used 


The Quaffle is a slightly deflated regulation volleyball. The chasers use it to score.


The Bludger is a slightly deflated dodgeball. There are 3 bludgers in total throughout the field.


The snitch is a tennis ball placed on the top of a long yellow pouch that is attached to the back of the Snitch Runners shorts.

I hope this information has explained how Muggles were able to reinvent the game of Quidditch. So next time someone tells you that Harry Potter isn’t real, you can prove them wrong by telling them all about Quidditch in the Muggle World! 


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