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Excuses to Use When “My Dog Ate my Homework” isn’t Good Enough Anymore

Missed that deadline again? Forgot your homework- again? Ran out of excuses to bail you out of trouble? Don't worry- we’ve got you covered! Here are 12 excuses to use at your own risk.

(Disclaimer: We won’t take any responsibility in case these result in detention- it is best to just do your homework on time!)

1. “My cat ripped my homework.”

This excuse only works if the homework you were given was on paper, ( which might be a bit of a rare find now) you can use this on teachers like Miss Boyes who really love cats.

2. "The internet was slow"

This is a full proof plan because the teacher can’t prove you wrong, at most you might receive an extension to do your homework but it works every time.

3."My computer crashed"

Let's be honest; it didn't crash, you just procrastinated and didn’t finish your work.

4. "I lost the homework"

This is usually a gamble because you’re expected to be more organized in senior school; if you’re lucky though you may get an extension.

5. "I thought it would be best if I did it tomorrow. I’ll be older, and therefore wiser, meaning my homework would be even better! "

Everyone loves a comedian. This is guaranteed to work on every teacher simply because of how genius it is, english teachers may even award merits...

(don’t try this at school)

6. "The file was corrupted"

This genuinely happens often while trying to send work but only if it’s in a non google format (meaning not google docs, slides, forms etc.). Using it as an excuse can slide under the radar easily.

7. "I don’t remember getting any homework"

This one requires team effort. If even just one person in your class says they remember, that might be the end of the line. Getting the whole class to say the same story would be more believable, also you get to improve leadership skills!!

8. "I forgot it at home"

You did your homework on the computer you left at home. You also have to “forget” the password for your home computer, then you’re not asked to log into the account on your phone or other devices.

9. "My sibling tore my work apart."

With this excuse, you have to be sure that your sibling isn’t taught by the same teacher, because if they are, you could get exposed (unless you have a nice sibling).

10. "I spilled water on it"

Spilling water on your computer isn’t unheard of. If you don’t bring your computer to school, it makes it more believable. However, this is more of a 50/50 excuse that works perfectly with some teachers and not so well with others.

11. Make a poem on why you don't have it

If it's the English teacher, they may appreciate your commitment to the poem. They may not take the ‘forgotten homework’ part too well, but the gesture would be appreciated.

12. Come clean and say the real reason

Yes they might find it disappointing, but it's better than to get caught in the act of lying.

Tell the truth and just make sure you catch up on the homework- or meet the deadline the next time. It’s better to organize all your homework assignments and their due dates because excuses can only work for so long.

There it is! Our handbook for the best excuses to use when you’ve forgotten to do your homework.

Obviously we do not encourage you to not do your homework… but sometimes it just happens!

Let us know if there are any excuses we haven’t mentioned & keep us updated on how well these are received by your teachers.

Written By: Zanelle A. and J.L, Yr 9- KCD


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