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  • Julia Campos

Popcorn Day!

This article was written by Julia Campos, Year 7


Happy International Popcorn Day! Now you may be wondering what International Popcorn Day is and does it even exist? The answer to whether it exists or not is yes, it does exist! 

Popcorn day was established on January 19th,1988. But who even came up with this snack themed day? The answer is: The International Popcorn Board! Yes, The International Popcorn Board is real! The reason this committee established this day is to celebrate and appreciate this very beloved and delicious snack. You may be wondering how we can celebrate this odd themed day? Well, for starters, you can eat… well.. POPCORN! There are  many different types of popcorn to choose from such as: butter, sweet, caramel, cheese and of course, the classic salted popcorn. There are also more gourmet flavoured popcorn flavours like: jalapeno, salted chocolate, salted caramel and honey mustard popcorn. To celebrate International Popcorn Day, here are some fun facts about popcorn:

-Popcorn kernels can pop as high as 3 feet up in the air.

-Popcorn is over 5000 years old.

-Microwaveable popcorn was invented by Pillsbury in 1982.

-The world's largest popcorn ball weighed 5,000lbs. 

-People used to believe that a little demon lived inside the popcorn kernel and threw such a tantrum when he was angry that the corn exploded.

Thanks for reading and enjoy your popcorn!



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