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Societies pt.1

This Article was written by Zanelle Awinyo, Year 11

Why should you join the societies being offered at Kent College? These student-led societies build transferable skills in which you can hone in soft skills such as: communication, ability to work with others, leadership, and critical thinking. It can also help you learn more about the ins-and-outs of the field you wish to pursue in the future, or even spark a passion for a subject you were unaware of before. Here are some of the societies our school has to offer us:

Computer Engineering and Programming - Led by Alizah, in Year 12

Can you tell me a little bit about your society and what it does?

So far we've conducted 5 meetings and they've been great! I have enthusiastic and ready members who have shown great progress in learning the basics.All the members have yet to start the more complex and fun projects with programming, but we've mastered some of the basics! It's like the alphabet for programming and you have to know that before you can do the fun stuff! But it's good as it allows more people with absolutely no background knowledge to join us!

What are the benefits of joining this society?

The benefits of joining our CEPS society is being able to become someone who can navigate our very technological world. Everything is automated now and if you can automate your daily, redundant tasks easily, you come off as someone who's adept with managing their time and their energy. The programming language Python is a great bridge between humans and machines, it's understandable and easy to grasp.

When do you run society meetings?

Next term, we're going to have the same timings as last term, which are 12:20 to 1:00 every Wednesday.

Medicine Society: Led by Emily and Sakina, both in Year 12

What's the aim of your society?

The aim of our society is to familiarise students with medical pathways and choices to choose from. Students will be able to get supportive advice about the medicine application process and the key application milestones. Students who show ambition in pursuing a medical career will be able to discover more about existing developments in the medical field.

What are some benefits of being in your society?

Membership in our society will provide students with leadership opportunities, career advancement leads, resources and form new relationships with peers. Students can use their membership in a medical society to their advantage while writing their applications to universities.

What time are the meetings held?

Every week on Tuesday, lunch time (1 - 1:30pm)

Psychology society: Led by Kulsoom, in Year 12

What is the aim of the psychology society?

The overall aim of the society is: getting them comfortable with the different pathways in psychology, helping them with their subject and course choices, and providing enough exposure to the different fields that they enter the sixth form with a good idea of what they want to do ahead. So far, we've only had an introductory session together. Members were introduced to what psychology has to offer at the sixth-form level in both A levels and IB. They shared their interest in psychology and the related fields, which is why our first session back will also be on the career pathways offered in psychology. To help the members who aren't familiar with the fields, we will go through the most popular ones in psychology, which will ultimately help them figure out what exactly they feel like pursuing at a higher level in psychology.

What can be achieved by joining your society?

As active members of the society, they will get to build their knowledge of human behaviour and why we do certain things in certain ways. It is also an excellent way to broaden any prior knowledge of psychology. Most importantly, one gets to enhance their social skills since we will be communicating and interacting with each other and people around the school at all times. As a result, when the society comes to an end, the members will feel much more confident in themselves and the subject.

At what time do you run the society sessions?

Friday, break time! (10.00-10.20)


All societies are open to Years 10 through 13. We hope to have inspired more pupils to join the societies, as it not only increases your academic profile, but also helps you find others with similar interests!


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