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National Lost Sock Day

This Article was written by Portia Cunningham-watson, Year 7

I know what you are thinking: What is National Lost Sock Day?! Well, it’s my job to tell you.

National Lost Sock Day takes place on the 9th of May and is celebrated annually. Nobody knows who invented it but apparently everyone was on board and it just happened!

How do you celebrate NLSD?

There is no official way of celebrating the holiday but there are a variety:

  • Take a few moments to give your socks a minute’s silence in their honour. They made the ultimate sacrifice.

  • Wear a pair of odd socks in remembrance of the socks that are missing.

  • Uniting long lost pairs would be the ultimate celebration. – If searching for them fails, then you can probably find something else to do with the odd ones. ( sock puppets…)

Something you may even be thinking is: Where were socks invented?

The first knitted pair of socks were invented in Jutland in 1500 BCE! But the first actual pair of socks were found in an Egyptian grave in Antinoopolis, dating from 500 CE.

So make sure that this time round, you find some time for your socks, because you’re making them feel left out!


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