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  • Helena Quintao

Life Hacks: School Edition

This Article was written by Helena Quintao, year 8

Have you ever felt like you were extremely confused about school and just wish it was easier and more satisfying to do?

Well, I’m here to help! In this article, you will learn many life hacks that will help you to make your school experience more enjoyable!

Did you ever feel like you’re reading a line in your book over and over again? Did you ever feel like you’re reading a line in your book over and over again? (Just kidding!) To increase concentration and improve reading speed, you can chew some gum which will help with that. This is because it will give your brain more than one activity to do and won’t make you feel as bored and uninterested in reading a text.

If you find yourself very bored or tired while working on something, remember to keep your shoes ON! Having your shoes off is basically an 'off-switch' for your brain. When you have your shoes on, you’re active and alert so will help with productivity.

Ever got tired with the same boring black ink, or perhaps struggling to remember your notes when you’re at a difficult test? Use blue or another colourful ink: this makes your brain remember key words easier because of the different colours.

When you’re having trouble memorising information for a test or don’t know how to practice for an important presentation; try reading (& re-reading) small texts to yourself and slowly increase the amount you read each time. This just simply helps you remember the text and helps you read more efficiently.

If you’re reading a huge amount of text of your notes and you cannot concentrate or focus, try having a breath mint (or anything minty.) Mint helps with headaches and increases concentration.

Another food-related hack is for when you are studying at home: don’t be shy to snack on some brain food! This can include berries, veggie sticks, walnuts, etc.

Every 25-30 minutes, take a 5-10 minute break. (You deserve it!) Also, if you overwork yourself way too much, you might stress yourself out and get way too tired to do any more work! Take a walk, drink some water, anything!

Organised study area= organised mind.

Give yourself enough time to study every day. Doing anything last-minute will stress you out and is definitely not the best option when you’re preparing for a big project because it will just make the product look messy and disorganised.

Drink plenty of water when studying. Scientists have proven that drinking more water and staying hydrated will make you less tired and more alert. You can even keep a bottle of water next to you in bed and drink some when you wake up to feel refreshed and less like your eyes are stuck together... but that’s for another article.

Thats all for today.

Thank you so much for reading and happy studying!


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