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  • Shaan Bhangi

Learning Arabic: Emerge in the Arabic Language

This Article was written by Shaan Bhangi, Year 8

Arabic is everywhere, all over the world...

It is a very important language to learn as we live in a country where Arabic is the official language and it is spoken by many people.

I have been extremely fortunate and lucky to have had the opportunity to learn the beautiful language, starting since I moved to Dubai, ten years ago- and it has taught me a lot beyond just the language. I have learned more about the Arabian culture, the customs and traditions that thrive in this wondrous nation and more about the amazing people who live here.

My knowledge and ability of the Arabic language has improved drastically since I came to Kent College. I started my Arabic learning in Year 4 with Mrs Lina. At the beginning of my study, I felt obliged to learn the language and I thought it was unnecessary. I did not fully understand the true meaning behind learning it. I still had an appreciation for Arabic, but I didn't feel a deep connection with it as I do now. I have come to realise that there is true potential in Arabic and that the Arabic language is extremely important for several different reasons.

For me, Arabic is like a key; unlocking a new world filled with opportunities.

The more I learn; the more I develop my love and my passion for learning Arabic and the more I want to excel in my studies.

Arabic is a beautiful language that comes enriched with culture and heritage, enabling you to communicate with 422 million speakers on all six continents. It is also the official language in 25 different countries, however, it is not just in these 25 countries that Arabic is spoken as the Arab population is growing and there is an emerging demand for people who have an understanding of the Arabic language and/ or Arabic qualifications.

As we all live in an Arabic speaking country, there is a multitude of everyday occurrences that are articulated in Arabic; for example streets, places and even names!

Even if you do not enjoy learning Arabic at school, it is still a great opportunity that offers you a chance to grow.

It can help you learn about your Arabic peers, teachers and neighbours; as well as giving you a deeper understanding of the second largest religion, Islam, which is practised by over 1.8 billion people in the world.

There are so many different ways that you can either start or excel in your Arabic learning journey, such as online resources. Below are some brilliant examples that I have used!

Language Learning Apps & Websites:

Something that I have found very helpful while on my Arabic learning journey is the use of apps. One that is great, is called 'Duolingo.' On this app, you can learn the basics, intermediate and advanced levels of Arabic- all for free! It is a truly great app that can help with your Arabic learning is an accessible and effective manner.

A Website that we all have access to is called 'Education Perfect.' This website is extremely useful to revise and learn from and it gives engaging questions to test your knowledge. Whether you want to refresh your understanding of family members or learn some more vocabulary about vacations; this website has it all!

Arabic Music:

Using music to help you learn languages has been proven extremely helpful. You can make music to help you remember conversations, vocabulary or just simple words, this is also a great way to help yourself in terms of making your learning experience way more fun and enjoyable! If you don’t want to make your own song, you can find one of the countless songs already made online by Arabic teachers or even Arabic YouTubers.

I hope one of these ways will help on your journey to learning Arabic and I really hope that by using these methods you will become a better Arabian linguist and most importantly you will value and enjoy learning the Arabic language more!

All the best.


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