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  • Mateo Wagner

KCD Beats DESC (21 - 27 Away)

This Article was written by Mateo Wagner, Year 8

KCD has many good sports teams. As we start the rugby season, many of KCD’s teams have had various matches and victories, these include the U13 Football team winning the regionals. However today we are going to talk about the U14 Rugby team beating DESC 27:21. Rugby scholar and Team Captain Omar Hammad had this to say on how he captained the team; “I drew in multiple players to set the ball up out wide to give them an open run, and score some tries, and I captained the team well by distributing the boys and telling them where to stand.”. I am proud to announce that the PE department has named Matthew Edkins as the MVP for Thursday's match. His comment on how he played is the following: “I think we played well as a unit, we worked well together, and then at the end we brought out a good victory. I think I played well hitting the rooks hard and helped the team with the victories.”

<- Matthew Edkins (MVP)

Omar Hammad (Rugby scholar and Team Captain) ->

Players and Factors That Made The Difference

There were many players who were outstanding in this match, but these are the ones that went above and beyond to secure the victory. Omar Hammad scored one try that was a game changer ensuring the victory. Year 9 player Matty Makdisi scored one try to boost the difference between DESC’s score and ours. Year 9’s David Cronje scored two tries that were essential for the victory. His brother Matthew Cronje scored the first try. Not all important players scored in this match; the most outstanding were match MVP Matthew Edkins and Milton Tegback the most key defender in the match. “We have had a really mixed bag” is what Mr George Vivian has said about how the team has been playing he has also said that “We turned up and we were really good, we were on it from the start”. He credits the boys’ motivation as what helped them win the match and I totally agree. The team as a whole has been playing with resilience and determination this entire season, and I hope to see more wonderful rugby games throughout the term.

This team is wonderful and has so much promise and talent. They are ambitious players that will help Kent win many more matches to come. I believe these students are very resilient and will overcome any challenge that faces them as a team or individually. I believe that not every game has to be won but that you have to learn so that you can be better next time. Go Kent!


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