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Half-term Roundup pt.2

This Article was written by Oleksandra Shatvorian, Year 8

It seems like time has flown by! We have already reached the end of another term! The school had many new events and opportunities and in this article, we will focus on some of the major events this half-term:

Book Week

In our school, lots of students love reading books. Reading books can help students engage their imaginations, develop different skills, expand their knowledge, and gain a better understanding of the world around them. Therefore, KCD decided to make a book week for all students and do different activities almost every day. We also held quizzes on different books, authors and other topics alongside the silent reading time. A dress-up day was also held at the junior school.

Language Week

Our students at KCD represent many different nationalities and traditions. KCD is an international school that creates a multicultural learning environment where students from different backgrounds can come together and learn from each other. The students of KCD have been teaching the teachers their own language and receiving treats afterward during the language week. Additionally, we had an expanded tutoring period during which students shared their national foods and dressed up, followed by international day.

Music Inspire : join the club

As part of our school's KCD program, students are always given the opportunity to develop and embrace their talents. Inspire, a music club where teachers teach different instruments and singing, was announced and introduced to every key stage in an assembly at the beginning of half-term. Teachers and students both demonstrated their skills and how Inspire has helped them develop their passion and talent to the audience. Send an email to if you're interested in joining!

International day

It was a pleasure to see the international day make a comeback after three full years, which was held during the final day of language week. A variety of dishes from different countries have been brought for the extended tutor time, and the students have dressed up in the colours of the flag or their national dress in order to display their national traditions.Students shared their heritage with their peers on International Day, a display of cultural diversity and unity.Learning about different cultures and tasting food from around the world was a great experience for each of us!

These were the major exciting events for the half term. We are looking forward to the new term and interesting events!


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