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Everything You Need in Your Pencil Case

As we enter our third full week back at school, you need to ask yourself:

Do you really have everything you could need? Whilst majority of the work we do nowadays only requires a keyboard - a fully stocked pencil case is still very much needed on the occasion! After all, you do not get called out for forgetting a pen or pencil. Don’t worry, we've got you covered! Just make sure you have these (somewhat essential) things in your pencil case at all times.

Take this from that kid everyone is always borrowing from.

1. A Black or Blue Pen:

This is the item for your pencil case. Even if we will be using our computers for most of our lessons; that doesn’t mean we won’t be writing, so be sure to bring one or two (just in case). (Pro tip: If you find a good pen; buy a hundred of the same kind!)

2. A red pen:

For the lessons in which you do write, you might need to correct your work or write important information and what colour could possibly stand out more than red?

(You are actually required to mark your Math work in red.)

3. Pencil:

For classes like Art and DT, you will be sketching a lot. Also, it’s probably engraved into your memory to never draw with pens for Maths and Science! So bring a pencil and spare your teachers the horror!

4. Eraser:

Everyone makes mistakes, it’s part of our nature. However, the good thing about pencil mistakes: with an eraser, you can rub them out like they simply never happened.

(You didn’t hear it from us- but bring white-out too for the more ‘permanent mistakes’)

5. Sharpener:

No one likes a dull pencil. Why would you use a dull pencil? It’s pointless!! (Editor's note: I’ve actually lost marks in a Bio exam because my graph was not precise enough due to me not sharpening my pencil beforehand!)

6. Scissors:

You never know when you need them. They might seem irrelevant at first but stand out because of their sharp moves.

7. Glue stick:

For your safety to limit contact with others, you can no longer grab a glue stick from the back of the class. Be sure to make a habit of bringing your own (for those days where you need to glue a 'key word' sheet into your book or something.)

8. Highlighters:

To make underlining LO's or dates more fun and organized... and colourful work is definitely a bonus! Caution: don’t get too carried away when highlighting the ‘important bits’ of your textbook!

9. Ruler:

What do you call the king of all supplies? The Ruler. Honestly, we like puns too but this is where we draw the line.

10. Calculator:

Last but definitely not least, calculators!! Which are admittedly the most forgettable. We would write a calculator joke but we don't like them cos they’re overused.

P.S Colouring pencils & markers are also always a good idea- as well as your own maths set!

So there it is! The main things you need in your pencil case for the rest of the year.

What’s one thing you always forget? Come tell us on our Instagram!!

Written by Zanelle A. and J.L, Yr 9


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