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Best Resources for KS3

This Article was written by Rebecca Fayad, year 13

Sometimes you just need that extra help, extra video, or extra practice questions to make sure you know everything you need to know. Your first resources should definitely be your notes, textbooks, teacher presentations and resources on google classroom. But if you need any extra help for a project or even revision here are some websites that many of our current Year 12s used.

BBC Bitesize

This website contains every subject you’ll need specifically tailored to our curriculum. It doesn’t go into too much detail just the overview so it is fantastic for revision or if you just need a headstart into topics. It also has questions where you can test yourself, and you will be using them even during your GCSEs.

Khan Academy

The only downside to this resource is that it is not tailored to the British curriculum. However, the amount of phenomenal information on there is unimaginable. As an A-Level student, a good 30% of my revision consists of going through the Khan Academy resources as they have very nice and easy to understand videos as well as articles and even practice questions with walkthroughs and hints. It really is fantastic and on top of that it is 100% free (which is why I would highly encourage you to donate!)


You are going to hear a lot about Seneca in your GCSEs especially if you are going to be in science classes! Seneca is a website that goes through topics and is a wonderful tool to really memorise the information needed. You can login and add the KS3 resources to your dashboard to get started! Highly recommended for revision.

Starfish Maths

I just recently discovered her youtube channel, and while roaming around I found a lot of videos that are suitable for younger topics. The way that she explains the chapters is fantastic, she goes through examples as well as actually gives you questions to test yourself. What I especially love about her channel is that she goes through the most possible types of problems you might encounter, she really has a fantastic channel if you need extra help in maths. (Though I do want to stress that nothing can top asking your teachers for help, they’ll understand the fault in your understanding and will teach you exactly what you need to know - especially in maths).

Ten Minute Lessons Playlist (English)

This playlist from Ten Minute Lessons has some really nice explanations on writing devices such as personification and onomatopoeia. English isn’t a subject you can learn off youtube videos or resources. It's a building process that happens in the classroom with your teachers, but if you ever need some extra help and explanation on what the language devices are then you should definitely check out her playlist!

Education Quizzes (Science)

This website is full of games you can play to better your understanding of science. It is specifically tailored for KS3 and is extremely interactive. Whenever you don’t know how to answer a question you can go back and study whatever you feel needs more revision. It is a great tool to catch the gaps in your understanding.

That was a lot of information for today! KS3 resources are much more difficult to find than GCSE and A-Levels and that’s why you’ve got this article specifically for you. There are always more websites you can check out for other subjects as well as non KS3 specific resources where you can extract your own information from. Again - your teachers are your number one resource! Ask them for any resources they might have (which is most probably going to be a lot) and you can work from there - and actually when you do get hold of these resources please let us know!

All Love, Rebecca Fayad


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