The Museum that Exhibits Failure

This Article was written by Zanelle Awinyo, Year 9

You may have heard of 'The Louvre,' 'The National Museum of Art,' 'The Museum of Science,'... all great museums holding some of the world’s most famous artifacts. Because that’s what museums generally do; they preserve history, hold exhibitions that tell stories of great innovators, inventions and inspiring historical figures that made the world into what it is today; but what about the errors made along the way?

Did you know that Apple had launched it’s own Gaming Console? Or that Pringles once launched a ‘fat free’ flavour? You may have never even heard of them; and that’s because once companies have products that fail, they tend to simply pretend they never existed. However in Helsingborg, Sweden, the 'Museum of Failure' takes these products and puts

them on display so that everyone can learn from them (