Practicing Gratitude

This Article was written by Rayna Venkadesh, Year 7

This year has certainly been a rollercoaster for most of us. The uncertainty has been daunting and it is easy to lose gratitude in such a landscape when everything seems to be going 'wrong.' At the end of a year as such, it is important that we reflect back on the things that we perhaps take for granted- and the things that still managed to put a smile on our face.

We should learn to focus on the things that are present in our lives and acknowledge the privileges we do have. Because despite the many hurdles and hardships that seem to just keep coming our way; there is a light at the end of a (perhaps very long) tunnel that we should not forget about.

Gratitude is no easy task- it requires patience and practice, but when you do capture it; it will be worth it.

Aesop put it quite simply: