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FC24 - Video Game Review

This article was written by Derek and Joshua, Year 7

FC24 is the new Fifa for the football season 2023/24 and they have added more skills, modes, players, transfers and more. Watch this video to see more about it. In FC24 there are 19,000+ players,700+ teams, 100+ stadiums and 30+ leagues. The new skills added to the game are Ball Roll Drag, which is a 4 star move. Drag Back Turn also a 4 star move, Flair Nutmegs is a 4 star move as well, and Flair Rainbow, which is also a 4 star move.

Some of the players that they have added to the game are Vincent Kompany, Nwankwo Kanu, John Arne Riise and Alex Scott. Some new cards that they added are centurions, trailblazers, OTW, and mad ready. Here are some pictures of the cards.

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