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Begin Again... Embracing new Chapters

This Article was written by Alex Schoombie, Year 12

This year may have thrown us in the deep end of uncertainty and has practically pushed us to our breaking points in terms of accepting new chapters. Each and every way in which people choose to deal with the changes in their lives are equally valid. There is no 'right' or 'wrong' in coping with such circumstances.

However, sometimes all we are missing is perspective...

We have all heard the expression ‘the start of a new chapter’ referring to big changes or events in our lives that affect almost every aspect of our life.

But what does it mean?

The idea of a chapter implies that our life is like a story out of a book; and just like every book, there are new chapters that mark the turning points and developments of our personal story. But why is this important?

The next chapter in your life is inevitable. There is very little you can do about its arrival; you have no control of that... however you do have control on how it's going to affect you and how you perceive it.

If you enter a new chapter reminiscing on the past and wishing you could go back, you are not going to enjoy the new beginning.

There is no point in beating yourself up about what you could have done and what you should have done, because you can't change the past... however, you do have a say in the construction of your future.

The right way to go in this new chapter of your life is to have a positive attitude. Whilst this is an infinite times more easier said than done; you need to take control of the situation right from the start and make it work in your favour. In doing so, you must not forget about the past. In the past you may have made mistakes and learned valuable lessons from them. These lessons are the building blocks of your fate... they give you a helping hand in moulding and creating your future. Whilst it may feel like you are 'starting again,' you don't start from zero as you have a lifetime of experiences in your pocket.

Don't get confused between learning from past mistakes and reminiscing on your past failures - because they are completely different in almost every way.

So when your new chapter begins, don't fear it; be excited to use the lessons you have learned along the way to make this new chapter the best one yet. And don't be scared to make mistakes in this new chapter as you can learn from them, help others to learn from them and learn from other's mistakes too.


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