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  • Amy Judge

Why are ECA’s Important

This Article was written by Amy Judge, year 8

Extra Curricular Activities have been looked down on by many people and children have whined about going....Others do it just for the fun of it. But what if there is more to an ECA than just fun and games?

What is an ECA?

Extra Curricular Activities (ECA) started in the early twentieth century, mainly just as supervision of students after the final school bell rang. They are a focus on helping students with school work but can also be beneficial to students in other ways. After-school activities are a cornerstone of concerted cultivation, which is a style of parenting that emphasises children gaining leadership experience and social skills through participating in organised activities. Some children who do ECA’s believe to be more successful in later life, while others consider too many activities to indicate "over-parenting." Nevertheless, some research has shown that structured after-school programmes can actually lead to better test scores, improved homework completion, and higher grades.

How do ECA’s Keep the Human Mind and Body Active & Healthy?

ECA’s not only keep the human body active, but it also keeps the brain active too-depending on what type of ECA you have chosen to do. For example, sports ECA’s can be very effective for the human body. Sports are very important because it improves your heart function, reduces the risks of diabetes, controls blood sugar, and lowers tension and stress levels. Another thing is that sports keep your body in good shape, if your body fails to keep itself in good shape it could very much lead to risk of severe health issues later on. But as for creativity; ECA’s such as pottery or drama, keep your mind active. Keeping your mind active increases its vitality. It also helps you have an open mind- which is never a bad thing.

Can ECA’s Affect Parents?

If you are a working parent it can be extremely useful if your child goes to an ECA. The reason being is because if they are stuck at work or need some time to relax, they would have the reassurance that their child is safe, busy and having fun at school. Parents also have no need to worry about their child being unhealthy as they know that they are being active in some way, shape or form.

What ECA's are you currently participating in? KCDSpeaks is always open for you to join- if you need some creative stimulation:)


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