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Welcome Back!

This article was written by Zanelle Awinyo, Year 12

Welcome back to yet another school year. We are glad to have you and I sincerely hope everyone had an amazing, restful summer. This school year brings new possibilities and changes– so be sure to make the most of it! To ensure you are all equipped with all the assistance you may need to reach your highest potential, I will be introducing some people you should know in the school such as the Student Prefect Team and I will also be writing about important dates & events; so be sure to look out for those articles.

So far this half term we have had some amazing achievements with our academic excellence and sports teams. Some highlights include:

  • Evie Hollis securing the award for Best Engineer at Year 11 STREAM Olympiad

  • Devahans Sahoo was the top performer from the U13 UAE Team in the Junior Indoor Cricket World Cup.

  • U19 Girls Basketball team win against DESC with a score of 25-10

  • U19 Boys Football team win against Nord Anglia with a score of 2-0

For more information on matches and latest updates on sports at KCD be sure to check out @kcd_sport on instagram. Some other events that took place were; the Manchester City trophy tour, our marlowe/becket breast cancer awareness fundraiser, the senior school career fair and subject student of the month awards.

Coming up in this month's KCDSPEAK…


To be read or must be read: Alexandria Fox has written beautiful poems.

Want to make a positive impact? Eleeza Zahir will be discussing the importance of breast cancer awareness month, what we as the KCD have done so far and pinktober fundraisers which you should look out for.

Tune in for episode four of Greek mythology with Saoirse Cunningham-Watson.

The blueprint you’ve long awaited for all volunteering opportunities has finally been made by Sara Salman who also talks about the importance of volunteering.

With a particular focus on football, you can find out more about sports at KCD from Timur Alimkhanov’s article

Do you want the context behind each Annie character's personality? Portia Cunningham-Watson has created a deep dive into the Annie Cast List.

Last but not least, celebrating our top merit winners in each year group, Stella Flockner Fonyat.


Karen Asuma & Kulsoom Ulsman will be giving book reviews and recommendations.

Angelina Leppan will be discussing the long unanswered question; should we be using Tiktok? Tune in to learn more about ethical issues of TikTok and micro entertainment.

Zanelle Awinyo & Angelina Leppan will be discussing Elon Musk’s Brain Chip and the social dilemma behind this revolutionary technology. Will it be the new normal or a real life sci-fi movie gone wrong?

Learn more about the astrophysicist who used to build robots and cook up batches of rocket fuel in his kitchen as a child in Zanelle Awinyo’s Free Fact Friday Article.

Eleeza Zahir will be telling us more about National Day in relation to the UAE’s Culture, its origins and events we may be having.

I hope you all stay tuned into KCDSpeaks and come back for more. I sincerely wish you all the best this school year, always remember to be intentional, build on your strengths and do your best. Here’s to another great year at Kent College. Welcome back and be sure to enjoy it.

Best Wishes,

Your Editor in Chief,

Zanelle Awinyo.

Be sure to follow us for updates on instagram @kcdspeaks

If you have any questions about the school newspaper or would like to join– email me at:


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