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Valentine's Stories: How These Teacher Couple's met!

This Article was written by Zanelle Awinyo and J.L, Year 9

The birds are chirping, the scent of chocolate fills the air and love is all around.

This sweet celebration happens every year on February 14th.

It’s all about giving love to family and friends- or it might be the day where you confess your love to that one 'special person.

So without further ado, KCDSpeaks valentines special:

Firstly, did you know where Valentine’s originated from?

During the third century A.D, a Catholic saint was executed by Roman Emperor Claudius II. There are many the stories surrounding his death sentence; the most popular one being that he was a priest who married young couples after Claudius II outlawed marriage for young men. The emperor believed that men were better soldiers when they weren’t in a relationship.

When St. Valentine was in prison, he prayed for the daughter of one of his judges and cured her blindness. Later on before his execution, he wrote a letter to her, signing it “From your Valentine.” Whether or not this was a romantic gesture is still up for debate. Nevertheless, the signature, to this day, is used to refer to loved ones.

Now, carry on reading to be charmed by these KCD teacher's love stories:

Mr. and Mrs. Munnery (P.E and Spanish teachers)

Mr Munnery- “We met through a mutual friend who I worked with in the UK. We met here in Dubai as we both started teaching here at the same time.

I came to Dubai to gain International Teaching experience while the future Mrs. Munnery came to Dubai with the sole goal of finding herself a handsome Australian PE Teacher husband. Of which she was successful, well the Australian PE part!

My first thought was that she was someone I wanted to get to know and was very happy that our relationship blossomed as we got to know our new city, of which has become our home to where we have lived for over 10 years and is where we now raise our family.”

Mrs Munnery- “ I moved to Dubai in 2006 after working in Singapore for a couple of years. A co-worker of mine introduced me to his Australian friend and it seemed that from that day onwards every time I went out, Mr Munnery would appear!

We became good friends and loved exploring Dubai with all of our new friends. We married in Bali in 2010 and now have two wonderful children. We actually spent 4 years living in Malaysia too but we returned to Dubai in 2016 as it feels most like home, the place where we first met.”

Now we have Mrs Barker telling us how she met Mr. Barker (Business and Geography teachers)

Mr Barker and I met at a friends' house party. Whilst we had attended the same school and university, we didn't meet until after we had both graduated. At the party, Mr Barker took my number and asked me on a date. On the date, we chatted and laughed and got on really he messaged me to go on another date. We haven't been apart since! So yes, I guess it was love at first sight (or perhaps love at first date!).

However you choose to celebrate (or not celebrate) today;

Happy Valentine's Day!

*Cover image by Tatsushi Eto



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