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  • Rebecca Fayad

Top 5 - Sustainable Clothing Brands

Recently, we published an article called ‘How Fashion is Failing the Environment,’ talking about the dangers of fast fashion and its tremendous impact on our environment. Now that the Christmas shopping season is here and knowing all the harms fast fashion brings to our planet; we are giving you a list of environmentally approved brands to shop fashionable, yet ethical and at good prices this Christmas! (Look out for other articles on non-clothing items coming soon)!

P.S. These company’s ‘greenness’ has been calculated over several criteria such as the material they use, their carbon footprint, how well they treat their employees lower down the supply chain, and their sustainability.

You can buy from all these companies online, as you might not be able to find their physical shop in the UAE. All their average prices lie below $50!

You might find that their prices are a bit more expensive than usual due to their ethical background. However, their high durability and quality quickly take away this added price burden - instead of wearing them for 1 year and throwing them out because they look worn and torn, you'll be wearing them for 4-5 years! In addition, these companies put a lot of work in research for the best sustainable materials, as well as paying their employees the minimum wage and boycotting child labour. As consumers, we have the power to invest in whatever we believe in and when you are buying; you are encouraging a company and whatever this company stands for. Even if you are buying items for less than 50aed, consider supporting these companies - and even if you can't buy from them speak about them, recommend them to friends and family and perhaps they, themselves will buying from them!

Exercise your purchasing power as a consumer, what you buy is what you believe in. When you buy a product from a company you are telling this company 'I like your products and I like what you stand for'. The question, however, is; how much do You care?

  • Ethics - FairTrade certified, organic cotton, B Corp

  • Product Range - Women’s, men’s, & children’s basics; activewear

  • Size Range - XS–3XL

Many of the brands on this list won’t sound familiar, especially this one: Pact.

Pact’s range consists more of minimalist and plain everyday clothing with fantastic quality. Their number one priority is to be as environmentally friendly as possible, which we deeply respect. Though t-shirts that you would usually buy for 80aed are prices at 100aed - their quality and environmentally friendly ethics cannot go unnoticed.

  • Ethics - Ethical production, Fair Labor Association, 80+ per cent sustainable materials, Green Certified

  • Product Range - Women’s & men’s apparel, activewear (Mainly men)

  • Size Range - XS–2X

A lot of men find it difficult to find environmentally friendly lines while keeping a fresh style. Alternative Apparel has not only some of the best everyday staples for men, but their price range is also spectacular for the level of sustainability they aim for. Other than their men range, their women’s designs never go unnoticed - especially their iconic loungewear. (They’ve also got 20% of the first order).

  • Ethics - B Corp, organic, safe and fair labour standards, gives back

  • Product Range - Women’s & men’s basics

  • Size Range - XS–XXL

I love Kotn. They ship internationally, exquisite quality, reasonable prices, versatile and fashionable style, and most importantly - strong values. This past week, they donated 100% of their profits to build 3 schools in Egypt!

‘At Kotn, we believe that traceability—the knowledge of where a product came from, who made it, how, and when—shouldn’t be a luxury, but a standard.’

  • Ethics - Ethically produced, sustainable practices, give back

  • Product Range - Women’s, men’s, and children’s apparel

  • Size Range - XXS–XXL

I think we’ve all heard of the brand Levi - or at least seen one of their iconic logo on bags and shoes - maybe even pants! Levi’s is one of the more expensive brands on this list, but their denim style is something that everyone has got in their closets. If you are ever looking for high-quality denim - while remaining sustainable, you don’t have to look too far!

  • Ethics | Recycled materials, inclusive sizing, ethical working conditions, fair wages

  • Product Range | Women’s activewear

  • Size Range: XXS - XXXXXXL (6XL)

  • Price Range | $

‘Trash looks better on you than it does polluting the planet. That’s why we turn old plastic bottles, fishing nets and other waste into bras, leggings and shorts you’ll never want to throw away.’

Their motto says a lot about the fun and youthful fashion that they offer. Sorry boys, but this one is just for the ladies! A brand full of colourful activewear, loungewear, and underwear at extremely affordable prices is a win-win to everyone - especially knowing that EVERYTHING is eco-friendly. Their packaging, their tags, their pouches - everything! This all without noting their fantastic body inclusivity where they don’t settle with models that look picture perfect! Their wide range of body sizes, body choices, and races as well as their ethicality is something all brands should aim to achieve!

Do you know about any sustainable brands we haven't mentioned? DM at @kcdspeaks on Instagram to let us know!

There you go everyone! These are 5 ethically driven brands that you can discover and enjoy during this Christmas shopping season. These are definitely not the only environmentally friendly shops and many mainstream fast-fashion brands have released new environmentally friendly collections such as ‘H&M Conscious’ and ‘Earth Polo from Ralph Lauren’. However, ethicality is not restricted to how environmentally friendly a brand is but extends all the way to how well the employees in the cotton fields, for example, are getting treated and paid. Many more articles on new businesses and brands will be coming your way soon - so keep on checking KCDSpeaks for more!

All Love,

Rebecca <3


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