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  • Claudio Paes De Almeida Neto

The Mandela Effect

This Article was written by Claudio Paes De Almeida Neto, Year 9

Have you heard of the Mandela Effect?

If not, let me give a quick example: If you have seen the animated movie “Snow white and the Seven Dwarves,”you might remember the phrase “Mirror, mirror on the wall(...)”

But the phrase doesn’t actually go like that... It actually says “Magic mirror on the wall(...)” This is an example of the Mandela Effect.

The Mandela Effect is when a large group of people genuinely remember something differently than how it happened. It got its name from one of the first known cases of the Effect; when a lot of people collectively thought that Nelson Mandela had died in prison in the 1980’s. In reality, he died in 2013- almost thirty years after when people thought he did.

There are many reasons why people think the Mandela Effect happens.

Some people believe this is proof of other parallel universes all around us; with the things we believe that were real, actually existing in another universe. However, this is most likely not the case. Doctors actually have a better suggestion for why the Mandela Effect happens.They think it is due to something called ‘confabulation-’ or "honest lying." This happens, , because the brain forgets one part of the memory and quickly tries to replace this 'gap' of the memory.This replacement most likely isn’t true, but people are 100% certain that it is. Hence why it’s called ‘honest lying’ (Because the person didn’t mean to deceive or hide something to the other, but thereby unintentionally says a lie.)

Questions by which the Mandela Effect can be shown:

(If you don’t want to search up the answers, they’ll be on the bottom:)

  • Do you remember the Monopoly gentleman that’s always shown on Monopoly boxes?Does he have a monocle, glasses, or nothing on his face?

  • Surely, you have heard of Pikachu; the small little pokemon .But what you probably will get it wrong, is the color of the tip of his tail. Is it black or yellow?

  • C3PO- the beloved golden robot of Star Wars. Is he fully golden?

  • Everybody has heard of the Flinstones. But is this actually how you spell out the name of this family?

  • Curious George, the famous little monkey.There is one thing that draws a lot of attention to this fella... Does he have a tail or not?

* Answers to these ponderous revelations:

1) The monopoly man actually wears nothing on his face.

2) Pikachu has a yellow tip on hist tail, just like the rest of it.

3) C3PO actually has a silver leg!

4) It’s actually spelled “the FlinTsTones” (with two T’s.)

5) Curious George actually has no tail at all... even though he’s a monkey!

Do you know any other famous 'Mandela Effects' that are sure to get a conversation going?

Let us know in the comments below!

Watch out for another 'conspiracy theory' coming your way soon.

Thank you for reading.


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