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Term 1 Rundown

This Article was put together by the Senior Student Leadership team

I'm sure that I speak for most when I say that we are all relieved that this term has come to an end. From all adjustments that came with Covid and a new workload that we are just settling into; these have not been easy circumstances to return to after Summer. Nonetheless, as we look back at what each year group- as well as the whole school has achieved; it is clear that you have all triumphed and achieved in making the most of the situation.

The year 7’s have kept themselves busy, many of them are super excited about the Christmas break and already planned how they will be celebrating festivities with their family and friends. These past few months, they’ve worked together to form closer friendship bonds than before, actively participated in class quiz games and learnt many new problem-solving skills from their core lessons.

Year 8’s have had a blast this term. More of them are beginning to manage their assignments easily, the recent maths challenge has brought out their competitive side, most of them have thoroughly enjoyed their science lessons and are in the lookout for new books to read from the library!

The year 9’s have been thinking about their GCSE options as it's arriving very close; but despite the stress of it, getting used to more workload, Covid restrictions… etc, they all have adapted and plan to make the most out of their days by keeping in touch with each other and enjoying every moment.

For the many that celebrate Christmas, they won't be able to host or be a part of gatherings this year, but the school's Christmas cup definitely lifted all their spirits and they are now enjoying a very well deserved winter break.

Year 10 is definitely harder than we thought it was gonna be as homework has increased and teachers are not as patient as they were and the topics are just harder in general. But looking at the positive side, year 10 is amazing! We have had very many students joining the school in these past few months, from very different countries and it has been very nice to find out about them and where they are from. Due to Covid, it has been a bit hard to engage with other students but we are all managing to keep our social distance and our masks up! I would say that our first term of Year 10 was very successful and great!

The year 11s have worked exceptionally hard this term considering all the recent events. Not only have they had to prepare for their GCSEs, they have been chosen to be a trial group for an online version of the GCSE Exams. With all the uncertainty at the current moment the year 11s have showed immense enthusiasm and great tenacity this term.

Year 12's are starting to get settled into their A level subjects this term. Some have changed their subjects, others have already had their first mock exams! Furthermore, several year 12s have auditioned for Fame the musical and have been cast in exciting parts. Overall, it has been an eventful and sometimes a bit stressful first term and I am sure that they are all ready for a nice long Christmas break.

This has been a very important term for the year 13, finishing and even sending off applications to universities. Tests and lessons are getting harder and the year 13s are battling through.

Message from Mr. Hollis:

In the last twelve months education around the world has experienced more change than has been seen in the previous 30 years. We have gone from face-to-face, to distance, to socially distanced learning in three terms. Looking back at this most recent term, there have been (and will continue to be challenges) but there have been many successes too;

It was truly great to welcome all pupils back into our buildings and resume face-to-face learning at the beginning of this term. As has been previously stressed, schools provide much more than just academic progression, such as character development; building confidence, communication and collaboration skills, etc. and this is best achieved through strong relationships within the community and role modelling. Needless to say, a face-to-face environment facilitates these wider aspects more readily.

Whilst distancing ourselves is still a key safety concern, it hasn't stopped us dancing, exercising, learning and socialising together. The House dance and Halloween competitions provided some much enjoyed activities where we were all able to let our hair down (in some cases quite literally!) and enjoy interactions whilst still keeping a safe distance. We have also managed to get together for break and lunch times, and more recently enjoy time outside together.

Looking forwards, there are rumours that competitive sport may resume in the new year, with acceptance that practices for such events will involve children across several classes within a year group. We already have break and lunch times where pupils are able to mix within their year group, ensuring that they take responsibility to keep socially distanced. Hopefully these potential changes will lead to a scenario where class groupings, or even seating plans within the same group of people, can be set according to subject benefits, again following social distancing expectations and therefore keeping everyone safe and healthy.

We have developed our library systems so that pupils can access our wide range of library resources through an online platform that will be launched at the beginning of next term. There is never a good enough excuse to not read, but hopefully this will encourage more of you to enjoy the benefits of a good book or research project.

After what seems to have been one of the longest and busiest terms ever, I am sure that everyone is ready to enjoy some quality family time over the holidays. Please make an effort to turn off the small screens and engage with each other in fun and helpful ways. Take time to learn something practically; i.e. get on and do something rather than watch it, and try to spend some time outside in our glorious winter weather.

For those of you travelling, I wish you all a safe journey and return and look forward to welcoming everybody back in 2021.

Best wishes,


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