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  • Rayna Venkadesh

Preparing for the New Year

This article was written by Rayna Venkadesh, year 8

New year's resolutions: a special promise you make to yourself to achieve a specific goal that applies to you and you only during a span of a year. Is it really effective? Do these resolutions really happen in the end? Read on to find out about pro tips, statistics and popular resolutions most people make this time around.

Studies have shown that 8% of people who make a resolution stick to it and achieve it by the end of the year- 80% fail by the start of February. Clinical psychologist Joseph.J Luciani, Ph.D says that most resolutions fail because of lack of self-discipline and motivation.

Is it us? Or the tradition itself?

It may be because of lack of self discipline but also because of how specific our resolutions are, that we find it easier to give up when goals are vague. Like the lack of self-discipline, I believe that your resolutions should be something that you really want to achieve, not just for the sake of it. There is a fine line between believing and actually accomplishing.

According to Warren Holleman, director of MD Anderson’s Faculty Health and Wellbeing program, “Most New Year’s resolutions are doomed to fail because it takes a lot more than a promise to yourself to change, it takes self-understanding, skills, strategies and support."

Here are the TOP 5 resolutions worth aiming for this coming year:

1. Create a better study-life balance

This is really difficult for some people. One way of tackling this situation is to create a timetable after school and on the weekends consisting of different activities, both social and educational. That way, we get the best of both worlds.

2. Practice Healthy Habits

This can reduce stress. So always make sure to eat healthy and exercise regularly as this can increase productivity and boost your mood! Try to find time to practice healthy habits between homework assignments.

3. Get More Sleep

Getting enough sleep is essential as it increases your focus levels, helps your mind go through new information, and get better grades. Most health experts suggest 8 to 10 hours of sleep every night but some of us, (me included), only get 6.5 to 7.5 hours of sleep on school nights.

4. Don’t procrastinate (!!!)

Never wait until the last minute to do homework. It’s always a rush and normally people don’t remember what they did a week ago. The best time to do it is one or two days after the homework has been set. That way you don’t have to worry about it afterwards!

5. Focus on Learning instead of grades

A lot of people think grades are more important than learning, but we go to school to learn, not to get good grades. Learning is what gets people good grades, the more you focus on learning the better, instead of the other way around. If you focus too much on your grades they could plummet at any time- From As to Fs….

There are 2 ways on how new year's resolutions work: either you plough through with determination and willpower (stick to your guns.) Achieve what you set out for the year and start another brand new year on a happy, accomplished note!


You could just procrastinate your so-called “resolutions” and before you know it, the year would come to an end and it will be time to make yet another resolution!

So this time, with guilt consuming you, you would either make the same resolution again or make another one that will be much more achievable.

So take your pick, how would you like to go about your 2022 resolutions?


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