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  • Stella Fonyat

November Merits

This article was written by Stella Fonyat, Year 8

Merits have arrived! But who collected the most merits this half term? Totally just for fun…

Year 7

1st Ethan Muthaya

2nd Michael Savva

3rd Olive Bagnal

Year 8

1st Anzhi Chen

2nd Mahnoor Usman

=3rd Laiyla Alvin & Jessica Motts

Year 9

1st Mia Tan Shuet Yi

=2nd Noelle Pentz & Luiza Corelli Boni

= 3rd Matthew Edkins & Aron Jonsson

Year 10

1st Zani Dlamini

2nd Lili Paszka

3rd Amy Judge

Year 11

1st Shaan Bhangi

= 2nd Maktoum Al Maktoum & Maxime Baillieux

Year 12

1st Alex Perrin

2nd Alice Borrero Schulle

Year 13

1st Kulsoom Usman

2nd Yasir Siddiqui

3rd Yara Al Bakar

Thank you - Maybe you’ll be here next month!


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