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March Book Club

This Article was written by our Head Girl, Lina Kürten, Year 13 and

Isabella Giovannoni, Year 7.

Read your way into Spring with these new recommendations.

Whether you are a book worm- or prefer to watch the motion pictures; you can never go wrong with a good book! Share us your favourite novels that you feel should make it to the list next!

Young adult recommendation:

The Hidden Memory of Objects

By Danielle Mages Amato

Genre: Mystery, Paranormal Fiction

This is a fantastic Young Adult book about Megan, a girl who is dealing with her Brother’s death. She is determined to figure out the truth behind what happened to him, when she discovers that she can see the memories attached to certain objects.

It is a beautifully written and very fast paced book, with well developed characters and an intriguing mystery. Historical elements are skillfully interwoven within the plot, raising the stakes and making for an exciting read. If you are looking for a quick and interesting book to read, this is the one for you!

Young adult contemporary recommendation:

The Chaos of Standing Still

By Jessica Brody

Genre: Bildungsroman

Ryn has been struggling getting to terms with the death of her best friend. Now Ryn is stuck in an airport during a snowstorm on the anniversary of her friend’s death and has still not opened the last text message she sent to her. However, when her phone accidentally gets swapped with someone else's; panic and chaos ensues

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Although some aspects of it are very much fluffy and light; other parts are hard hitting and very raw. I found that grief was explored in depth, whereas the romance takes a backseat, which I found very appropriate for this story. It has everything you want out of a contemporary.

Middle Grade recommendation:

A Girl Called Owl

By Amy Wilson

Genre: Fantasy Fiction

A girl lost her father at a young age and has always wanted to know who he is. When you have a best friend who is worrying about her own problems and a mother keeping secrets from you, it’s almost impossible to get research done. It makes Owl want the answer sooner and tries to forget about all her questions.

One day when Owl starts to see beautiful but strange patterns appearing all over her hands, she begins to cry showing her tears are no longer water but ice. She immediately asks her mum about it but she says nothing. All that goes through Owl’s mind is if this could lead her to her dad and finally knowing who her father is?

I loved this book and all the weird and wonderful things about it. Out of all the books I have read so far, this is my favorite. It is amazing how all of her powers appear out of nowhere.

There it is! Join the KCDSpeaks book club by reading these books, sending your take on them & then sharing some new reads that we can add to the list next month! Just email us your views & recommendations on: - you can also email me directly at: Or DM us on instagram (@kcdspeaks)

Until next time!


Lina and Isabella


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