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  • Krish Keswani

Kent Presents: Aladdin

This Article was written by Krish Keswani, Year 12

From the thick of Agrabah, under Arabian moons, come one, come all to experience the enchanting spectacle, that is the Kent College Dubai production of Aladdin! From love to heartbreak, sprinkled with our antagonistic duos and flamboyant friends, this production truly has it all.

For those of you living under a rock and don’t know, Aladdin is, at heart, a tale of friendship, accompanied by the adventure into and out of the cave of wonders, followed by the consequences of an ill-conceived journey. It speaks to the truth of every single person in our own philosophical journeys through the trials and tribulations of life. It just so happens this show has a bit more magic than we do, ooh and of course, it has the best friend anyone could wish for… me!

This Bildungsroman tale, set to the music of Alan Menken (arranged for our live band by the marvellous Mrs. Jackson) will transport you to the city of Agrabah, causing awe, wonder, laughter, and some tears to keep you company. Theatre has the ability and power to enchant and transport audiences, as Oscar Wilde theorised, it is, “the greatest expression of art” and thus, allows us to draw you into a whole new world. I promise it is a “wonderess place” and a “thrilling chase!”

With this show currently in rehearsal, as a member of the cast, I can safely say that this show is a whole new world of amazing, but don’t take my word for it, I’m only an all powerful genie! Here are some recommendations from this fabulous team…

“This land, where caravan camels roam, is the setting for some high adventure, and a love story which transcends worlds. So don’t miss this magical night. Get your tickets now!” - Mrs. Kelley

“Come watch the glitter coated spectacle, with dazzling show tunes, and extravagant characters, who will enchant you to a cave of wonders.” - Mrs. Ketting

“We are covered head to toe in glitter, come and see the show and get covered too! We promise you’ll leave with a smile and a song in your heart!” - Mrs. Berry

So, as many can attest… the Genie is always right! But in all seriousness, don't miss out on something truly spectacular because you didn’t heed some wise advice. Get you tickets for one of our three shows (November 17th @7pm, November 18th @7pm and @2pm) on Schools Buddy!





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