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KCD's Most Popular Names

This Article was written by Gabbie Woolnough, Year 8

What belongs to you but others use it more than you do?

Your name! (Easy, right?)

Have you ever wondered which name out of the KCD Senior school register is the most common? You are about to find out anyways...

Most Common and Second Most Common Girls Names:

As it is shared by 5 girls across senior school, Isabella is the most popular girls name.

The name means consecrated (having been made or declared sacred, or pledged to god.) While it’s derived from the Hebrew name Elisheba, a form of Elizebeth; Isabella has both Spanish and Italian origins. In school, Isabella may be the most popular name, however, it has many other variations of spelling, such as; Isobel and Isabelle. Some typical nicknames for Isabella include, Iz, Izzy, Bella and Bel.

Sofia is the name of 4 girls in senior school, making it the second most popular. A few nicknames that are often given to people with the name Sofia are; Sofi, Soph and Fifi.

Sofie and Sophie are both forms of the name Sofia which means 'wisdom' in greek. It’s a common name in Eastern Orthodox countries such as Greece, Cyprus and other East European countries and was first recorded in the beginning of the 4th century.

Most Common and Second Most Common Boys Names

Mohammed is the name that the most boys in senior school have (is anyone really surprised?) Mohammed means 'praised' and 'commendable' and is derived from the root Hamida, meaning "to praise." The Prophet who founded the Islamic religion in the 7th century also has the name Mohammed. A total of 150 million men have a variation of Mohammed in their name and 13 boys in our school have it in theirs. Although there are a lot of variations of Mohammed some of the most popular are Mohammed, Muhammed and Muhamed.

With a total of 5 boys in senior school being called this, Alexander is the second most popular boys name. Alexander is a greek name meaning 'defender of the people,' 'defending men' and 'protector of men.' Some nicknames for Alexander that are commonly used are; Alex, Al, Xander and Xand. The name Alexander has remained in the top 20 names (worldwide) since 2000 - it was the most popular in 2009 when it was the 4th most popular boys name.

There you go! What is the meaning behind your name? Let us know...


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