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  • Padma Shaiju

KCD's Favourite Spooky Films

This Article was created by Padma Shaiju, Year 7


I scared you, didn’t I?

Since halloween is creeping up on us; kick off your movie spree with some of these iconic halloween movies which you may- or may not yet have seen.

Students in KCD have been interviewed about their favorite halloween movie and why they like them. See if you agree with their ratings and if you haven't watched them then, watch one and see what you think!


Genre: Comedy/Science Fiction

Interviewee: Gyanvi Shree Gauchan 7C

The movie is about four scientists that find ghosts and capture them before they possess more humans.They potentially save New York City from a ghost raid. It is a mix of comedy and fantasy fit for a family movie night.

Gyanvi says: “It’s funny and entertaining it keeps you waiting also puts you in the halloween spirit.”

4/5 stars


Genre: Adventure/Horror

Interviewee: Catarina Pedrollo Netzel 7C

This creepy button- eyed movie makes you realise how much you wish your family won't change. A girl name Coraline sets off on an adventure through a tiny door in her house which leads her to another world where she meets her other mother and other father who try to sew buttons into Coraline's eyes.

Catarina says: “It’s spooky, interesting and makes me wonder what will happen next.”

4.5/5 stars

The Addams Family

Interviewee: Edite Hanua Mc’Hugh 7A

The Addams family is a movie about a family like no other.

The children are peculiar and have horrific interests. Enjoy this comedic movie about a grim family attempting to fit in with their new neighbourhood. The fact that everyone thinks that they are strange and terrifying rolls of their backs.

Edite says:“It’s halloween comedy.”

4/5 stars


Genre: Horror

Interviewee: Fennet Brooke

Nightbooks is a horror movie about a boy held hostage by a witch and is now entitled to write scary stories for her. If he doesn’t do so, there will be great consequences. He meets a girl called Yasmine and they both find a way to escape from the witch.

Fennet says: “I like it because of the spooky and mysterious background.”

4/5 stars


Genre: Comedy/ Horror

Interviewee: Beatrice Ibriz

Goosebumps is based on a book wrote by R.L Stine. It is a horror story which supposedly gives you 'goosebumps'. Two boys find one of R.L Stine's books and it comes to life. If you like mystical movies of fantasy and horror then this is a good spooky film for you!

Beatrice says: “It’s spooktacular.”

Thats all! What is your favourite Halloween movie to watch?



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