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  • Padma Shaiju

KCD's Favourite Christmas Films

This Article was written by Padma Shaiju

We asked some KCD students what their favourite festive-films were... Incase you haven't seen any Christmas movies yet- or are looking for new ones to watch; this is the list for you. With the exception of one classic; all these movies happen to be recent additions to the holiday playlist & are all available on Netflix. So cozy up with a hot cocoa, gather your friends or family and enjoy these must-watch holiday films.


A Boy Called Christmas

Name: Anonymous, year 8

What is it about?

"A boy named Nicholas is joined by a mouse and a deer who end up finding an elf village.The boy’s father, as well as Nicholas came to the village in an attempt to find an elf to bring back to the boy’s home to bring hope into the world. It is an adventurous and happy movie that teaches you about believing."


The Princess Switch (1)

Name: Renata Ortega Flores, year 6

What is it about?

"It revolves around two different, unrelated girls who happen to look exactly the same.They switch positions to have a taste of each other's lives. Doing so leads them to many problems- but rest assured, in the end, they create a more happy and restful life for the both of them. This feel-good film is great for the whole family."


How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Name: Matilde Ruggier, year 7

What is it about?

"It is about a creature named the Grinch who hates christmas. He attempts to steal christmas from the who-ville’s … but in the end, there happen to be a change of events. This classic is an absolute must-watch for the holiday season!"


Christmas Chronicles (1)

Name:Isabelle James, year 6

What is it about?

"Santa accidentally crashes his sleigh. A brother and sister on christmas eve help Santa Claus save christmas! This funny and adventurous movie, with a new twist on classic christmas films makes it perfect for all ages."

There it is! Do you agree with our interviewees?

If you have seen all the movies on THIS list, check out our movie- recommendations from last year!


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