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  • Alfie Mulligan

KCD Goes Pink: Breast Cancer Awareness

This Article was written by Alfie Mulligan, year 10

What is breast cancer, why does it matter and how does it link to school?

Breast Cancer, like the name suggests, is a type of cancer. It can develop over time and can also be passed down genetically. It occurs when certain cells become damaged or mutate. Typically the body deals with these damaged cells, however it is not uncommon for some cells to escape this natural resistance.

Why Do We Wear Pink?

This was adopted as a sign of support around the 1990’s. This was also when the Breast Cancer Research Foundation was established. Considering that it affects so many women and men, it is somewhat odd that a research facility was only introduced in the 90’s. Up till this point breast cancer was a little known topic with very few treatments and no cures. However, breast cancer was identified around 3000 B.C.E in ancient Greece. Back then their most noticeable remedy was religious, where they would pray to the god of medicine Asclepius (son of Apollo.)

How is KCD incorporating this?

KCD recognises the difficulty for women and men (yes, men can be affected too!) across the world and sees it only fit to pay their respect to these proud people. Consequently, students at KCD wore pink to show their respect and support those affected by this incurable cancer.

Included in the images are some of the most eye-catching Year 10 choices. These students show true enthusiasm towards this meaningful day of awareness and support.

Thank you all for your support of Pink Day - and let us know your favorite pink day fact and outfit!


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