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Introducing: The Class of 2021

Our senior class is one like no other! Get to know what they do in school, in their free time and the advice they've got share!

Without further ado... here is the Class of 2021:

Lina Kürten

Hello, I'm Lina and come from Belgium. I have one older brother, Jonas. I do synchronized swimming, singing and I absolutely love to read. My A-level subjects include biology, chemistry, psychology, mathematics and an AS in further maths.

I have been appointed the role of head girl for the new school year which I find extremely exciting. I would like to embrace the idea of caring for each other, by creating a supportive environment, and ensure that it stays within our school, even after I have left. I also hope to do well in my A-level exams so that I can go to Med School.

Is there any advice you wish to share with the pupils of the classes below?

My advice to younger students would be to ask for help if you are struggling. The teachers here at KCD are very understanding and helpful so if there is ever anything that you need help with, it is important to communicate. Also this year's student leadership team is always there if you need to have a chat.

What advice would you tell your younger self?

Not to put too much pressure on myself.

What do you dream of accomplishing?

I hope to become a doctor in a field where I can really help people.

Sami Maroof

Hello, I’m Sami. I am from Bahrain but I have lived in Dubai for almost 17 years. I am currently studying History, Business and Maths. I am a big movie fan but I also love to play football. I am a member of the Student Leadership Team currently and I hold the position of Head Boy. My main goal for this year is to ensure that everyone has a smooth transition back into school after such a long time away. In the future, I want to pursue a career in either politics, finance or philosophy. Having completed most of my education, the advice I can give is that if you want it bad enough you’ll get it.

Simone Altenhoff

Hey, I am Simone and I’m from Texas. I enjoy sports such as netball and swim. I take three A-Levels, those of which are English literature, PE and Drama.

This year I will be KCD’s performing arts prefect for year 10 and 11.

My goals this year is to give everyone an opportunity to participate in the arts and help everyone in KCD to find their voice.

Is there any advice you wish to share with the pupils of the classes below?

My words of wisdom for the younger years would be to have confidence in everything you do even if you feel like it isn't the best you could do as long as you have confidence you have a power that makes everything just a little bit better. Also don’t overthink everything, school is stressful enough, overthinking will just add stress that you don’t need.

What advice would you tell your younger self?

Stop overthinking everything and breathe. You don’t always have to smile. It's okay to admit defeat.

What do you dream of accomplishing?

This school year.

Salvador Ampuero

Hi, I'm Salvador, I am the deputy-head boy and head of sport of KCD. I have a vast array of interests, however I am particularly fond of swimming and the guitar.

As deputy-head boy and head of sport I have set many goals in order to improve the already fantastic KCD community, such as improving inclusion in sports and in academics, through acts such as hosting more inter house competitions with a greater variety of sports and the possibility of suggesting a new leadership position for the upcoming year 13s.

Is there any advice you wish to share with the pupils of the classes below?

My honest advice would be not to change too much for other people, throughout the years that i've been in school its very prevalent that many pupils (myself included) change in order to fit in with the “norm” however being yourself is the best possible way to live out your academic life as you don't want to have to live as someone who you aren't. Also learn to appreciate when someone gives you advice, especially your teachers, although at the moment for some kids in secondary school getting advice from someone can seem tedious and even boring at time, try to understand that it's in people's best interests, especially teachers, to give you advice to aid your journey through school and prepare you the upcoming stages of life.

What advice would you tell your year 12 self?

Enjoy! Going into year 13 (my last year of school ever) and having missed a large portion of year 12 due to the pandemic, I cannot help but think of all of those missed opportunities. Year 12 is the last year that you have to fully enjoy, because once you're in year 13 the exams will come at lightning speed (doesn't mean to take year 12 as a joke, but simply enjoy.)

What do you dream of accomplishing?

Although I am certain that I want to be a doctor, I am still unsure of what I want accomplish, it may be to something as complex as climbing Mt.Everest or as simple as finally performing with a band. But something I am sure of is that I will never stop trying until I succeed.

Poppy Mayall- Smith

Hey, my name is Poppy and I'm from England. I love horse riding and art and my subject choices include Biology, Art and English literature

I'm taking a gap year to work in a horse competition yard and then I want to study equine science at uni and then do a masters in physiotherapy and combine the two.

I have been chosen as deputy head girl and community liaison prefect. My goal is to bring Kent closer as a school and create fun and educational experiences for the students.

Is there any advice you wish to share with the pupils of the classes below?

Even though school will be a little different because of Covid, remember to have as much fun and work as hard as possible

What advice would you tell your younger self?

Believe in yourself and your career choices even if no one else does What do you dream of accomplishing?

Hopefully good grades in my A levels and then a successful career in the equine industry

James Awinyo

Hello, I’m James; I’m from Kenya and have lived in dubai for three years now. I take Business, Maths, Physics and Chemistry for A-levels

Is there any advice you wish to share with the pupils of the classes below?

“An intelligent man tries to change the world, but a wise man tries to change himself.”

Afreen Bedi:

Hey, I hope everyone reading this is well, I am Afreen Bedi and I was born here in Dubai, I’ve lived here ever since but my ethnicity is Indian. I've been at Kent from the beginning (2016), and my subjects are Psychology, Biology and Maths. I have also taken up an EPQ course this new academic year. I plan to do Psychology in the future and pick up Homeopathy to help others the best I can and see a foreseeable career in the fields ahead.

I enjoy different activities like playing instruments, singing, painting/drawing, jogging… I love being involved in a lot of clubs in general, my main motivation would be mainly to have fun and encourage others.

I have been the House Captain for (the best house) Augustine, and this year I am honoured to be a part of the prefect team as the wellbeing ambassador. In terms of goals for this coming year, it's unfortunate that these are stressful and unprecedented times, so the main goal, along with the whole of the prefect team, is to make students feel at ease and to do everything we possibly can to keep spirits high (even for our amazing teachers). Our schools wellbeing is really something we plan to promote and encourage this year.

Is there any advice you wish to share with the pupils of the classes below?

Find productive hobbies or activities that you enjoy and pursue them. Hobbies are a great way to ease stress, meet other people, learn from and also are useful when applying to universities or other forms. It's important to get in the habit of working towards something especially if it's not compulsory.

What advice would you tell your younger self?

I would say “the best version of myself is when I’m helping others”, “Confusion and uncertainty is a part of growing up, just keep your values close to you” and finally “it’s okay to let others help you and to ask for help”.

To close off, I would like to mention that I am very easy to talk to… these are stressful times and if anyone needs someone to talk to, or to listen, I would happily help whether that happens when we all can speak face to face or by text, email, social media...

Jaden Frei

My name is Jaden. I’m from the Philippines and have lived in Dubai for 3 years. I like playing badminton as a hobby and playing PS4 as well. I do 4 subjects as of now; Business Studies, Chemistry, Mathematics and Psychology.

Is there any advice you wish to share with the pupils of the classes below?

Do your best in school. Don’t hesitate to ask questions to teachers when you are in need of help. Do not slack off in learning as well because it will all help in paving the path to your future. Enjoy school and do not make choices you will take for granted.

What advice would you tell your younger self?

Participate in more activities and do not be afraid to go out of your comfort zone.

I want to live with a happy family and to work a job I am happy to do.

What do you dream of accomplishing?

Achieving the grades that I want.

Shahrazad Rahman

Hiya, I’m Shahrazad (‘Shaz’ for short), I’m from London and recently moved to Dubai in 2019. I’m currently studying Biology, Chemistry, and Psychology at A-level. During my free time, I like to spend playing and composing music on my piano.

I’m a member of the Student Leadership Team and hold the position of a Junior Liason. My goal for this upcoming year is to invite new challenges and experiences, making them worthwhile for an excellent start to this academic year.

Is there any advice you wish to share with the pupils of the classes below?

Always aim high and stay committed to your future goals. ​“Nothing is impossible to a willing mind” ~ French Proverbs.

What advice would you tell your younger self?

Never give up when things don’t go your way, don’t be afraid of change.

What do you dream of accomplishing?

I wish to accomplish in the future is to practice Medicine.

We can all agree that 2020 has been a rollercoaster but if we keep holding on tight, we’ll make it through!

There they are! (With only a few exceptions; )This is the entire year 13 that will be leading our school over the next year. If you need a friendly face to talk to or ask for advice, then I can guarantee that any of these students will be happy to help!


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