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Important Dates & Events

This article was written by Zanelle Awinyo, Year 12

Important Dates & Events


**Please note that we only accept cash.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and this year at Kent College Dubai, we will be having a multitude of events in order to fundraise for the Al Jalila Foundation. For more information on Pinktober, read Eleeza Zahir’s article in this month’s edition of KCDSpeaks.

Wednesday 25th October: Augustine/Chaucer Cake Competition & Bake Sale.

House Points Awarded for most sales, best decorations and best Pinktober display.

For more information or to join in contact Sara Salman at:

Merits given to overall winners among all 4 teams.

*Please note that all ingredients must be listed and no nuts are allowed.

Friday 27th October: Feel free to bring in 10 dhs (or more) for donation towards the Al Jalila Foundation, this will be collected in form time. Remember to wear your most pink outfit.

Tuesday 31st October: Final deadline for guessing the number of sweets in the pink jar. Whoever guesses the number of sweets in the pink jar correctly will get all of the sweets. The pink jar is located in the senior reception next to the library. For more information contact Malak Hamdouch at:

Listen in for information and notices during form time as we will be adding information throughout the month. I hope to see you all at each event.

In Partnership with The Al Jalila Foundation

Licence Number PRHCE-002017777


We are welcoming all students to watch and support our school sports teams. Kindly note that not all fixtures will be home games; to see more information on team sports dates, read Timur Alimkhanov’s article in this month's edition. However, for the latest information I advise you to ask your PE Coaches and/or players in the teams.

This term we will be having:

  • Swimming Galas

  • Cross Country

  • U12 - U19 Football

  • U16 & U19 Basketball

  • U13 & U15 BSME Netball Tournaments

  • U19 Boys Water Polo

If you would like to come support the teams at their fixtures, please refer to the timetable below; however, be sure to note that not all games will be home games.

Some words of advice from Mr.Walsh to students who wish to join sports teams are:

“Firstly, always try your best in PE lessons and attend all open training sessions. This will help build confidence, skill and your understanding of the sport as a player. Next, you should keep in mind that the teams are not necessarily limited by age, all athletes should aim to be regular starters and play their best game throughout the whole season. Lastly, for those who are already in sports teams you should be looking to represent the school in performance pathways. Furthermore if you are Under 12-16, you should be aiming to be promoted into the age group above, this demonstrates exceptional skill, determination and dedication to your sport. However, most importantly, remember to have fun and enjoy whatever you do.”

If you have any questions about the sports teams or fixtures contact Mr. Walsh at: and for information on swimming galas contact Mr. Murphy at:


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