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How to Deal with Bad Grades

We’ve all been there. Whether you are the top student in your class or not - we have all been heartbroken to get back a grade you didn’t expect. You might have thought you did very well, or that you did okay - either way, it doesn’t feel good. Here are some tips for dealing with this not so good news.

1. It's okay to feel bad!

People often tell you to dismiss poor grades and try harder next time. But we all know this is not very good advice. Don’t let people make you feel guilty for feeling bad either. If you got what is an equivalent to an A but were expecting an A+ it is completely normal to feel bad, just like when you get a D but were expecting a B+ , your feelings are just as valid.

Don’t go hard on yourself and don’t punish yourself for it. As we all know, grades don’t define you, so take some time to process what happened in a healthy way. Acknowledge your feelings - you deserve a little time to vent your frustrations when you’re upset, especially if you know you worked hard to get a good grade but were unsuccessful in the process.

2. Get your mind off it

Go on a run. Paint something new. Practice your instrument. Talk to friends. Right after you get your grade and process what happens, try to get the grade off your mind for a while. You will definitely have to come back to it to see what went wrong, but for the time being, get rid of the negative emotions.

3. What went wrong?

Assessments are there for YOU to know how to ameliorate yourself and work on your weaknesses. Look over your paper; and next to questions you didn’t answer correctly, right what made you lose marks. Maybe it was that you didn’t revise this information, you didn’t read the question correctly, or maybe you simply didn’t add enough details. Eventually, you’ll have a long list of things you can work on, which will make the ‘getting back up’ process much easier and achievable.

4. Talk to a teacher

Teachers don’t want you to fail if they give you a bad grade. They are not happy to give you this grade after all the work, effort and dedication they’ve put into teaching you this material. They want to see you strive, and they know how you can do so - just speak to them! They’ll tell you what you could improve on and even give you resources to work on that. Also, if you genuinely had a bad day and you definitely know you could have done better, you can ask for a re-sit. Maybe the teacher will agree and you will get a second chance at the test. Your teachers are your best resource - don't forget that!

5. Talk to your friends

If the test was really hard, it is likely that you will find someone that got the same grade you did - get together to work on your scores! Asking the friends that got the grade you wish you got might also help you go through your paper.

The Most Important Thing To Do!

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger- and even though in this case it is not as dramatic, but did it kill you? No. Will it strengthen you in the school process? YES! School is a journey, from the low to the highs, and how to get to the highs. The most important thing to do is to work on your grade afterwards. What could you have done better? Practice, ask questions, focus more, revise more, memorise your equations. Do all you can to get better and see progress, never stay in your space. You can do better, intelligence is something you work on, not necessarily born with. If you ever need help from anyone - teachers, students in your year group, younger than you, or older than you - contact me! I'll try to connect you with the best people to reach the goal you want. You should never work as if you are the only person who can help you. We are all ready to lift each other's up!

All Love,

Rebecca <3


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