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History of the Houses

Written by Raymond Fayad - Year 8 - Submitted Article

You may have heard the tales before; but do you really know the history of your schoolhouse? Augustine, Chaucer, Becket and Marlowe… Who were they? What did they do? How did they live?


Augustine didn't stop achieving his dream of helping the people in eastern Europe and Africa. As a result of that, he was commemorated in many ways such as novels, movies and biographies.

Dates: 354 AD-430 AD (age 75)

Learner Profile to describe him: Resilient Fun Fact: Did you know that the first city in the USA was named after “Augustine” (Saint Augustine, City in Florida)!



Thomas Becket is the official bishop of Canterbury and he was mentioned several times in Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales. He is known for the way he stood up in front of the king for his religion, which led him to die as a martyr.

Dates: 1119-1170 (age 50 or 51 since he died on his birthday - poor guy)

Learner Profile to describe him: Courageous Fun Fact: Did you know that the three birds on the Kent College logo are actually from Becket’s emblem!



Geoffrey Chaucer is one of the world’s most famous poets as he wrote a story that is now irreplaceable in the Canterbury Tales. Most of the houses in Kent College are in the tales of Geoffrey Chaucer.

Dates: 1343-1400 (age 57)

Learner Profile to describe him: Creative Fun Fact: Did you know that the first original copy of Geoffrey Chaucer’s “Canterbury Tales” was sold in an auction for $7.4 million!



Christopher Marlowe is a well-known poet as he worked with Shakespeare to write plays and poems for the queen. He revolutionised English itself as he invented many words we use today.

Dates: 1564-1593 (age 29)

Learner Profile to describe him: Articulate

Fun Fact: Did you know that William Shakespeare didn't write all his poems, there were a lot of poems that were said to be written by Shakespeare but were actually written by Christopher Marlowe!


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