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Hand In Hand: Making a Difference

This Article was put together by the KCD Hand In Hand Team

Hand In Hand is an initiative created by a group of ambitious students who want to make a difference to people who need it most. Taking on 10 of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, we aim to create a safe and easy-to-use platform that allows children who need extra academic help in school or who just want to safely connect with other students across the world.

COVID has, unfortunately, hit many people, and as a result, many families have been divided, limiting students’ access to support with academic queries. This can impact a student’s education as schooling is vital for building a solid foundation of knowledge that will help them progress in their academic careers.

However, our completely free website includes a variety of videos on a plethora of topics ranging from foundation stage levels (aged 5) to senior school (aged 15). Some lessons even include activities and practise questions so that learners can pause the video and see how they did. Students can also send any questions they have, and professional teachers will get back to them as soon as possible through our supervised chat feature.

To ensure that all videos are fit for children to watch, they have been approved by Youtube strict guidelines for all ages and have been checked by qualified teachers and educators meaning that the best and latest teaching methods are used for the videos.

As well as this aspect, we have created a separate feature where children can anonymously ask questions for wellbeing or academic help which will be answered by trained professional care-takers, psychiatrists, and teachers. Also, children have access to a forum where public conversations about academic matters are entertained. Everyone allowed on the forum will be security checked to make sure that they are using the forum for good practices - in addition to the constant monitoring of the website. Our website also includes a blog with weekly articles for scholastic advice or wellbeing encouragement.

If you are reading this and feel like you, or someone you know (whether that be your child, friend or anyone) could benefit from this platform, share the word! We want our website to reach as many as possible, and through your words, you will not only be greatly helping us but the people that you are reaching!

Our website is called and is completely free with no catches or hidden costs. The more people we can support, the better.

If you are reading this and think you want to help with this ambitious goal. please contact us. Whether you are a teacher or student, any support will be deeply beneficial. You might support by creating videos or helping with the approval of submissions and materials; we will provide you with all the appropriate information. If you have a Youtube channel that you wish to be featured on our website, please send us the link so that we can attach your videos to our platform. The best way to contact us is via our email or our Instagram page @handinhand.kcd. We would love to hear from you.

Let's all help each other, Hand In Hand.


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