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  • Derek Stand Marino

Hallowe’en Happy Month

This article was written by Derek Stand Marino, Year 7

Hallowe’en Is coming

Well this Hallowe’en is going to be different!

This is going to be the best Hallowe’en ever with many new kids celebrating it, birthdays happening and the most important part - many families are coming together to visit Dubai.

Today I’m going to talk about Hallowe’en like it says in the title! Hallowe’en is a celebration with many questions still to be answered.

Well today is your lucky day I will ANSWER SOME!

Here are five common and fun Hallowe’en traditions:

  • Making Jack-o'-Lanterns. During the Hallowe’en season, you'll see Jack-o'-Lanterns on almost every front porch.

  • Wearing spooky costumes.

  • Trick-or-treating.

  • Visiting haunted houses.

  • Telling scary stories.

8 Fascinating Hallowe’en Traditions From Around The World:

  • The giving of soul cakes. simple things mag.

  • Día de Muertos. Instagram.

  • Pangangaluluwa, Philippines. Instagram.

  • Hiding things in the Barmbrack, Ireland.

  • Teng Chieh, China.

  • Pchum Ben, Cambodia.

  • Fave dei morti, Italy.

  • Peeling apples to predict the future, UK and Ireland.



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