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God of the Sun: Apollo

This Article was written by Paul Mestermann, Year 7

Apollo, God of the Sun was born on the isle of Delos, Greece to the King of Gods, Zeus and a titan called Leto a day after his twin sister, Artemis.

Apollo is pretty much the most perfect God. Other than pulling the sun across the sky everyday, he is the God of many things, including; the Sun, archery, music, prophecy, poetry and more. Like any other God, he has the powers of super strength, super speed, shape shifting and teleportation.

Being the God of all of these things, Apollo has earned quite a few hearts of both genders. This lead to having a lot of children but two of the most famous ones are Orpheus and Asclepius.

Key Characteristics:

  • Creative

  • Cunning

  • Smart

  • Reflective

  • Resilient

If he were an Animal, he would be:

A Roe deer because it’s his sacred animal

If he were a Disney Princess, he would be:


If he were a Country he would be:

USA because it’s the sunniest country

Mythical Tale:

One day when Hera heard that her unloyal husband had impregnated a mortal woman, she sent out python to chase poor Leto and not let her rest to give birth to the twins. Zeus felt sorry for Leto and in result of this he turned her into a ortyx so that she could give birth to the two gods. By that time, Apollo was only four days old he was already stronger than any mortal could be. He was granted a silver bow and arrows by the blacksmith god, Hephaestus. The young god decided to go search for the giant snake to get revenge. When Apollo reached the cave that the monster lived in, he immediately got attacked by the enraged python. But Apollo was faster and stronger than him and managed to throw one of his arrows, leaving it to pierce the creature through its forehead.

*KEY* Characters mentioned

Zues (God of the sky), Leto (a mortal woman), Artemis (Goddess of the moon), Orpheus (a legendary musician), Asclepius (God of medicine), Hera (Goddess of marriage), Python (a snake like monster), Hephaestus (God of blacksmith)


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