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  • Eleeza Zahir

Flying Taxis

This article was written by Eleeza Zahir, Year 9

Have you ever dreamed of flying? As a child, we would all dream of sitting in a flying car, enjoying the stunning skyline while eating a bag of chips and jamming to our favourite songs. However, it was only a fantasy in our imaginations, or was it? Life in Dubai is getting much more futuristic day by day and our world is improving in technology. We all suspected we may have flying cars someday in the future, but that ‘someday’ is coming quite close as Dubai expects flying taxis to be fully operational by 2026 and will be the first country to manufacture flying cars.

Flying Taxis In Dubai: Electric Air Taxis are being launched in Dubai by 2026. The launch date had always been a dream of Dubai until now as the air stations and designs have been approved. 

This means,  in the future, we will get the chance to travel from Dubai International Airport to the Palm in around six minutes as the flying taxi will travel  at a cruising speed up to 300 kmph with a maximum range of 241 km. The starting launch will be connecting four areas including: Dubai International Airport, Downtown Dubai, Dubai Marina and Palm Jumeirah. Each taxi will be able to hold up to 5 passengers including the pilot. 

Fun Facts:

  • Rapid Recharge

  • Zero Emissions

  • 240 km/h speed

  • 160 km range

  • Futuristic design 

  • Smart integration

  • Public-Private collaboration

  • Global pioneers

  • Pilot Programs



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