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  • Julia Campos

Film Reviews - Rio

This article was written by Julia Campos, Year 7

Rio is an amazing movie which demonstrates how you can live your life to the fullest even in a new environment.

The movie Rio is set (for the most part) in Brazil. It is set around the character Blue ( who is a blue macaw who can't fly - he is taken to Brazil as he is the last male of his species.) Whilst in Brazil he meets a female blue macaw jewel and as the story progresses the two of them get into a series of mind twisting events but you’ll have to watch the movie to get the full perspective.

In the following paragraph I will say two things that I like about and what I think could be improved. So really the graphics and the colours in the movie I thought really represented Brazil. Another thing I liked was the plot. I obviously can't get into the plot because of spoilers but if you watch it you’ll see what I’m talking about! What I thought could be improved is that I personally thought there were too many jokes. Maybe you'll think otherwise but for me there are too many jokes.

That was just my opinion. You should watch the movie and see what you think! Now if you’ve already watched the movie and you loved it as much as I did you’re probably wondering will there be a Rio 3? Well there will be a Rio 3 which will air in 2024!



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