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Excuses for Coming Too Early

This Article was written by Zanelle Awinyo and Joli Lindberg, Year 9

Let's admit it, whether or not you live in Meydan or you take a car/bus to school; being the first one in class by an hour may be a bit awkward. Whereas some worry about getting to class too late... we’ve all gotten to class a couple of minutes too early. At that point, having a teacher questioning you on why you are so early to class is almost inevitable.

Fear not, for this article will give you 5 great excuses for that very situation!!

1.“I couldn’t wait for school, I just had to come early!”

Not only is this a full proof excuse- but the teachers will be so moved at the fact you prioritize school so much and that you’re willing to take extra time out of your morning to get there. Even if this doesn’t work, it is not like the teacher can send you home, so don’t worry too much about it.

2.” I wanted to finish off some work for class”

The only flaw with this excuse is to make sure the ‘work’ you are doing isn’t from that teacher’s class or a subject you have on the day. Also, while you are at school early might as well get some actual homework done, seeing as it gives you more free time to relax at home.

3. “I need to ask a teacher a very important question and they weren’t answering my email.”

If you are in year 9 or doing GCSEs this can be a quite believable excuse. But be wary of which teacher you say you are ‘emailing’ because if they are known for answering emails... then the teacher that is asking you may or may not be able to see behind your excuse.

4. “My parents dropped me off early because they needed to run errands.”

This is another foolproof excuse and if your parent is a teacher then there is no need for you worry... it is known for teachers to come early occasionally either way. So I’m sure if your teacher asks, they will most likely believe you.

5. ”There is usually traffic on the roads I take, so we need to leave early but today there was none”

This is a rare moment in itself for there to be no traffic on a weekday... but miracles can happen! The teacher might believe this due to its unlikely chance of happening and simply shrug it off. So while you’re at school 30 minutes earlier than normal, maybe get some work done... you may have that one assignment due in two days or that one test to revise for so what better thing to spend time on?

There you have it! Whilst 'coming early' isn't ridiculed as much as 'coming late'... it does occasionally serve for the awkward morning Q&A and now you can be prepared. Just remember to continue to wear your mask even if you are the only one in the room.

Let us know if these ever come to good use for you!


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