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Everything you need in your school bag

Consider the following thirteen items your packing list for school. Take it from someone who has spent over a decade curating the perfect collection of must-haves for my school bag; this is everything you need to survive!

1. School Books (duh):

Take the ones you need that day; not more & certainly not less.

2. Pencil case (duh):

If there is one thing that you need in class; I can guarantee it's your pencil case- or atleast a collection of stationary at the bottom of your bag! (Stay tuned for a rundown of everything you need in your pencil case).

3. Extra Mask & hand sanitizer:

This has become more of a recent edition; but it is important to always carry a spare mask in case yours gets eaten by a zebra (or something less dramatic). Hand Sanitizer for on the go is advised + a hand cream/ lotion for when the sanitizer dries your hands.

4. Laptop & laptop charger:

As computers, laptops or iPads are nearly completely replacing tangible textbooks… And since you’ll be using your device for 8 hours a day, remember to pack your charger as well.

5. Water bottle (reusable:)

Don't think I need to say much about this one… However with the post- CoVid restrictions in place, there might not be a water dispenser at your convenience plus drinking from your friend's bottle is out of the equation.

6. Maths Equipment:

Whether you are in year 6 or in year 13 a calculator, and a maths set will always come in handy! You’d be surprised by the amount of times we have used a calculator in English class.

7. Notepad:

If you ever need to write a quick note to your classmate, or just simply jot something down; come prepared by bringing some kind of extra paper (separate from your textbooks/ school books).

8. Planner/ Calendar:

Irrespective of the previous point; it is best to have one place to record all your important notes; deadlines, reminders, or special birthdays. It can even be an online planner or calendar. (again- stay tuned for a “how to” on setting up a journal)

9. ‘Emergency kit’:

Anything from tampons, pads, lip balm, a nail file (!!!) & hair ties- to bandaids, a comb and some spare mints. This will be a life saver (more often than you would imagine.)

10. Earphones:

Whether you walk - or use the bus, adding some music to your commute to school will undoubtedly put you in the best mood to start your day. (Also recommended for any MFL classes- and the occasion where even your math teacher will let you listen to music in class) (Caution: when wearing headphones- especially when crossing roads on your walk from or to school; please stay aware of your surroundings:)

11. Deodorant/ body spray:

Not only on PE days do these come in handy…

12. Spare money:

5, 10 or 20 dirhams are always good to keep in your bag just in case there’s a surprise bake sale or something!

13. A snack:

Whether you are one to buy your school lunches from the canteen- or one to bring packed lunch; carrying a little (or big) snack in your bag will make you thank yourself when your hangry self takes over! (An apple, cereal bar or a packet of chips will do!)

There it is! Anything and everything you need in your school bag to start the year.

Let us know if we missed anything.

Love, Hannah M.

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