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  • Eleeza Zahir

Dubai 30x30 Fitness Challenge

This Article was written by Eleeza Zahir, Year 8

So, what was 30x30? The Dubai Fitness Challenge was in its 6th year and had made a simple goal for us to complete! Do 30 minutes of any activity each day for 30 days. Their goal was to motivate everyone to create a fitness-focused mindset for an active and healthy lifestyle. With a month-long calendar of free workouts, fun fitness events and wellness-centric entertainment, there was plenty of motivation to keep us going! If someone were to find themselves low on motivation, listening to upbeat music and maintaining a healthy diet helped

them a lot more than you could imagine!

Where could we have done 30x30?

Anywhere! Dubai was your Kingdom for 30x30.

Areas where people were regularly participating:

  • DP World Kite Beach

  • RTA Last Exit Al Khawaneej

For those who couldn’t go there, they’d just sign up as a company and practice anywhere they liked!

What exercise works for you? What if you're too lazy?

There’s tons of stuff you could’ve done! For example, a 30 minute walk! No? Then how about yoga or gymnastics? Still not enough? Jeez, you're tough to crack! How about jump roping? Or Skateboarding? If you still find yourself uninterested, then think of it this way, some light yoga a day can be made into a fun activity. How you may ask? It’s simple! Mind over matter. Say you're doing a run for 30 minutes, does that seem boring? Then make it fun! Act as if you're running from something, perhaps a monster, or running to get some chocolate! You have NO limits!


The 30x30 began on 29th October and ended on November 27th.

It has ended… It’s never too late though! Try this challenge at home and show the world around you!

Who thought of it?

The fitness challenge was first introduced in 2017 by the one and only, Shaikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. He is the Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of the Dubai Executive Council.

5 Fun Facts!

  • You could get a T-shirt for participating in 30x30!

  • Employees got prizes for their hard work!

  • Dubai Fitness Challenge does something like this each year!

  • The tag for 30x30 is #Dubai30x30

  • Dubai Ride was on November 6th & Dubai Run was on November 20th.

Did you know?

Did you know, Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, followed the 30x30 and posted a video of himself exercising to encourage people to join? In that video, he was seen holding a ball in his hands as he stood on a balance board. It said: "Day 1 #Dubai30x30".

Hundreds of Residents sweating it out:

On the first day, all were psyched for 30x30! Ready to kick some sweat, they headed out for their first run on 30x30. Not only were there young kids, but people up to 70 years old were ready! This proves how popular it became. It helps your physical health!


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