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  • Claudio Paes De Almeida Neto

Wyoming Volcano

This Article was written by Claudio Paes De Almeida Neto, Year 9

Something not a lot of people know about is the Wyoming Volcano, situated in Yellowstone in the United States...

The Yellowstone volcano is about 2,805 meters tall, and last erupted 640,000 years ago.It made the Yellowstone Caldera when it erupted all of those years ago, staying on the western-central part of the Yellowstone National Park. It measures about 50 to 70 meters long, covering a very large area of the park. However it isn’t the only one, as two other craters are in the area as well.

This volcano could destroy the whole of the United States if it erupted.

Though it previously erupted many thousands of years ago, people are speculating that it can erupt in any moment now.

In fact, some people think that the volcano is going to erupt soon, and that the government is not going to warn anybody about it.

Believe me, I did a lot of research on the topic, yet there doesn’t seem to be a lot that covers the speculation of “the government hiding it.”

But since it last erupted around 640 thousand years ago, people assume the long interval means that a mass eruption is set to happen at any time.

Rest assured; if we are listening to science; rather than conspiracies- then it is rather unlikely (although not impossible) that this volcano erupts again- and if it does, then it will not wipe out the entire human species completely.

Share us your thoughts below and let us know which conspiracy theory you would like us to cover next!

Thank you for reading.


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