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  • Eleeza Zahir

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

This article was written by Eleeza Zahir, Year 9

What is Pinktober?

There are over 100 different types of cancers, affecting one in eight women at some point of their life. The second most deadly cancer for women and the world's most common cancer. Pinktober is generally celebrated throughout October internationally, however, on the day of October 21st, it is the National Breast Cancer Awareness day for American Indians/Alaska natives as breast cancer is mostly found in American Indian/Alaska native women as statistics show Breast cancer accounts for 13% of the women population.

In support, celebrate Pinktober by many events being organised globally including famous buildings being lit in pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

What is the UAE doing for this?

Each year during Pinktober, UAE hosts hundreds of organisations and members of our community, affiliated with Al Jalila Foundation, to arrange events and activities to raise funds for breast cancer awareness charity clubs and programmes!

“Dance till I can’t dance no more!” for Breast Cancer Awareness month

What can I do for Pinktober?

The whole world celebrates Pinktober, what about me? There are plenty of things you can do to help support us for Pinktober, such as purchasing objects, which then donate to charities, many organisations are improving and stepping up their game and so can you!

However, for all the people who can’t donate, you can always run marathons, participate in activities which support Pinktober and most of all, purchase that pink ribbon! Just get involved and volunteer your time, spread the word about breast cancer, educate your community, and most importantly… get your health checked!

What is KCD doing about this?

All of the UAE is celebrating it, but what is KCD doing about this? Every year during Pinktober KCD holds a day to celebrate Pinktober by encouraging all the students to go crazy and wear as much pink as you can!

Along with wearing pink ribbons that represent Breast Cancer awareness on October 27th and prizes, it’s not just the students who do this, all of KCD staff participate in this as well to show how important Breast Cancer really is!

This year KCD is going above and beyond with a Bake Sale - one on 11th October and the next on 25th October. Two houses will be baking at each and with a possibility of winning a prize (most likely merits) including house points for best display for sales and for best cake decoration in honour of Pinktober and the money will go towards charity. Then after half term we are hoping to host an event, for example: an aquathon or something similar which is to hopefully coincide with 30x30 with the money going towards charity. It has been decided for Friday the 13th as the day when students get to dress up in all pink so get ready! Ribbons and keyrings will be sold as well, this year will be a big year for KCD and for pinktober, many events will be held and you could help! Cancer is truly a horrid thing in this world, but there are many ways to help survive and support those who have fought in their own war, whether it involves charity or just spreading the word is up to you!


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