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This article was written by Karen Asuma, Year 7

Books of the Month: November

A Study in Drowning: A Study in Drowning is a swirling tempest of hope, love, and finding a way forward against all odds. Enveloped in folklore and set in a Welsh-inspired fantasy world this book is a balm for every person who has been an outsider in their lives and for those still fighting to have their voice be heard.

The Phoenix Crown: In 1906 San Francisco, Gemma desperately needs a refresh of her singing career, and Suling, a Chinese embroideress, needs to escape an arranged marriage. Soon, they are both caught up with charming railroad magnate Henry Thornton, owner of the fabled Phoenix Crown, an ancient Chinese relic. After an earthquake tears the town apart, Henry disappears. When the crown reappears at a Paris ball five years later, Gemma and Suling are determined to solve the mystery.


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